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Wei Wenqing: a brand should be a systematic planning

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I some time ago, a supervisor said PAC Group is reluctant to do joint ventures in the past, but he is to do a joint venture, he thought a joint venture between the world's countries and regions of cooperation between complementary advantages, barriers across the model, business model should be permanent. This time came, after seeing changes in the Chinese market, he felt the idea was right, and this time to all the supervisors this one to succeed in China, they must go the way joint venture. Joint venture to explore the past and now to another form of words may have different stages of division. I personally think that would be a continuation of a joint venture model. I want an answer from another core competitiveness. Core competence should be the cultural level, because many investors, shareholders together, because it is from a cultural perspective. Second, the level of the system; third, from a comparative point of view the details of the technical level. As a joint venture because it is more than the shareholders, should be an adequate communication, the relative non-joint ventures have a certain advantage. If full use of its advantages, but also the landlord side, the Chinese market, the competition certainly will be formed. Our brand is the result of this difficult process of exploration, and now find this experience in a progressive direction, the recent development will have so much. The existence of these brands has its value, brand, brand or sub-brand, professional brand, the brand is determined by the number of enterprises ideas. Brand with the risk, cost is a very big relationship. Our brands to consider, as we are divided into two following the company's brand casual brand, Dongfeng Citroen (microblogging) a range of services there Xing brand, we have is enough, do the words have is too much and more cost, consumers should bear. Do not let the consumer to bear the excessive costs, a competitive edge on the inside. As a brand differentiation should be things that are characteristics of things to it. This is important to note, this is our last Dongfeng Citroen (microblogging) to walk more than a decade after a reflection, in the past to build the brand and not pay attention to the English name does not change, but from the Chinese point of view in the past say is more divergent, branding must see the needs of users, the core differences of the resources? Over the past did not pay attention, take a relatively hard way. In this place about the history, lessons learned may be more. From the past more playing with the dragon's sub-brand with the brand, called Beverly. Later, the first time in 2001 the brand was systematic, the positioning of our brand lines, are relatively more clearly, and this move in this direction a few years the system has been adjusted. As a joint venture, the biggest resource for your mother's status is a better brand advantage, if we can combine the Chinese market, it is certainly want to use. Parent brand Citroën are all brand of innovative, original Citroen are basically on top of innovation. Our user-friendly design, the perspective transform from a product. From a brand should be a system of planning, there must be differentiated, and this difference must be combined and the needs of users.