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Yao Ming the Chinese concept of brand value rocket or a domestic brand new contr

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Scola sleepily on the couch, two hours before he arrived by plane from the United States, the Chinese brand sponsors of the "pressure" so he had to overcome drowsiness.

Today 20, Rockets and Nets in NBA China Games will be started at the Wukesong Indoor Stadium, and the Chinese brand to get people game before the game has been played back in full.

Associated with the Rockets teammates Yao Ming, Chinese brands have been looting.

Loot star

Scola new impetus to new shoes

Scola is that all of China to participate in this race the most tired player. First of all, NBA season, he came to China as the endorsement of the ANTA brand to advertise. He then non-stop back to Argentina, preparing for and participated in the World Championships in Turkey. Then, go to Houston in preparation for the new season.

Yesterday 7:30, went through 20 hours before a long flight of Luis Scola, arrived in Beijing two hours after he first line of an ANTA, told Chinese reporters in an interview. Although he choked back sleepy, but the upper and lower eyelids, or continue to fight.

Started the new season soon, "Argentina diamonds" need a new power, then presented a special build Anta whole new red shoes.

"I like my new shoes, this is for my two games are customized, and this is the color of the Chinese national flag as the background of the. Written above my basketball career and history. I like to have something special . "Scola took the dual embroidered" love china "the words of the new shoes, but also drive away a tired smile.

Loot Rookie

Patterson couple new contract

Compared with Scola and rookie Patterson is well known, if not because he is teammate Yao Ming, the Rockets players, he certainly will not get the favor of Chinese brands.

Last night, the life of the Patterson left the United States first came to Beijing Olympic Apple R & D community. Here, he signed a new Olympic sponsorship contract, became the 13th NBA Pick endorsement players.

Prior to the Patterson, the Rockets Shane Battier and Lori, has been signed Peak. However, more fortunate than their predecessors is that Patterson has not even played with a regular season for the Rockets, they will have a sponsorship contract.

"I look forward to fighting alongside Yao, Yao is a good leader, he can learn a lot from him, so the feeling is very desirable." Shy Patterson stated the truth. Just follow a good play big brother Yao, Pick of the sponsorship deal will probably increase.

Loot star

Yao is the domestic brand Kuangzhui

Why are Chinese brands to be scrambling to grab the rocket, even with such high-risk super-Patterson "potential shares" to their homes? Yao Ming, of course, by the effect. Yao Ming in the Rockets, rocket highest exposure of China's NBA team, the Rockets signed, his publicity team of other players is unparalleled.

According to report, Yao himself, and now Chinese brands have been looting.

Yao Ming and Reebok's contract will expire this year or early next year. In fact, if not expired, the Chinese fans are almost never seen Yao Ming Reebok is planning a large-scale promotion. Yao Ming Reebok is in fact a huge waste of brand influence. Reebok's influence in China is not only unable to Adidas, Nike, compared, or even less than Li Ning, Anta, Olympic and other domestic brands.