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Topod plans to introduce cereal singer machine China

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Topod expresses to the reporter about the personage, as a result of grand the close cooperation that amounts to report and Topod concerns, topod future plans to introduce cereal singer machine to chinese mainland to sell.

Say according to coming from the message of smartphone manufacturer Topod, this company is in likely 2009 the G1 of Google mobile phone that rolls out Chinese edition in China first quarter.

The G1 that by the parent company HTC that Topod corresponds acting labour produces is the mobile phone that global head money is based on Google Android platform to develop.

Besides, topod also plans to introduce grand this one brand enters the “HTC” that amount to report mainland market. Topod expressed to the reporter yesterday about the personage, prospective Topod takes double brand strategy, how to locate between two brands, topod will hold special specification to meet November this year, before this, the company cannot leak information.

Actually, this year June grand amount to report to ever released Touch Diamond, this mobile phone marks besides Dopod besides, imprint first went up the label of HTC. This also is understood to be by the outside grand amount to report to had been permeated to mainland market.

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