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Chinese software industry does not suffer effect of financial seismic sea wave

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Zhang Qi of chairman of chamber of commerce of Chinese Information Industry listed a group of data, industry of before 8 months grows compared to the same period slow down 2.7 percent, the slow down with apparent heavy industry; Before iron and steel 8 months compared to the same period slow down 9.4 percent; Slow down of before building materials 8 months 7.6 percent; Nonferrous metal slow down 11 percent; Mechanical electron fall after a rise 3.5 percent; Electric power 6, 7, 3 8 months were not achieved of 10% add fast. Zhang Qi points out, with dispute of fall after a rise of n slow down the signal of constant danger, it is the prelude that whole economy progress puts delay. But she expresses, electronic course of study is one branch from beginning to end alone beautiful, sale of before 7 months grew 20.7 % compared to the same period.

Zhang Qi expresses, below the circumstance of other industry fall after a rise, industry of software of before 8 months rises compared to the same period, communication increased 23.9 percent. Zhang Qi thinks, software industry opportunity and challenge coexist, develop in economic depression or high speed the more when, the application of software and news service can produce effect more.

Xia Deren of Dalian city mayor thinks, chinese economy was to get really the influence of world economy, nevertheless software industry still is one branch alone beautiful. Xia Deren says, dalian is current software company order is very full, industry of his predicting software still can grow quickly. Xia Deren thinks Dalian software production value still maintains the growth in 40%-50% this year, export growth will be faster.

Nevertheless, xia Deren also points out, the RMB appreciates to bring very grim challenge to software industry continuously, make competition ability of software industry international drops, how to raise competition ability to become crucial issue.

Soft group president holds CEO concurrently to express east, all industries encountered a winter now, soft past never spends spring east, from do poineering work rise to live in in the winter all the time. Relative to character, now this phase is east soft spring.

2008 east soft solution forum kicks off in Dalian today, come from the leader of the government sector and industry expert, and come from Intel (rich guest) , the IT company high level such as alliance of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty, benefit, IBM and come from client of many 500 industry of domestic, research organization to wait attend this second forum.

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