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Company of equipment of native land semiconductor meets with cold current

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" daily of the first finance and economics " was in know from a personage inside course of study yesterday, in the Shanghai of —— of parvenu of company of equipment of native land semiconductor that just cut a figure in the international market small semiconductor (next weighing that “ is medium small ” ) , experienced to cut down the member of persons employed embarrassedly, involve main force of 30 many technologies. And, a pivotal business section that values originally also by cancel.

This personage discloses say, be called by the branch of cancel CVD, namely branch of ” of facility of deposit of thermochemistry of “ high pressure. This also is medium small two big pivotal business and one of product line, another is ion engraves section of corrode equipment business.

And it is before half an year, exhibit in global semiconductor material and equipment meeting (Japan) on, this company Ceng Gao mix announces, become independent by its the is used at 65 accept rice to be produced to chip of high end of 45 accept rice device of research and development, already whole world of make one's bow market of equipment of top class semiconductor. This indicates the enterprise is in a Chinese mainland first sphere of semiconductor key device entered 12 inches of product line.

In small calm of an in-house personage old, afore-mentioned company business are adjusted, be situation of half-and-half conductor market answer. Because, come one year, global semiconductor market goes small continuously, semiconductor equipment demand drops relatively, a lot of person of the same trades already all were made adjust accordingly.

Come from SEMI (global semiconductor equipment and material association) the report shows, as a result of a lot of manufacturing manufacturer draw in, 2008, semiconductor equipment sale will drop 20 % .

Small president holds most propbably of Yin Zhiyao of expert of equipment of president, famous semiconductor concurrently in very nest fire. Because, he ever was opposite market of filmy and deposit equipment conveyed high-pressured chemistry hopeful, 2005 to 2011, integral market year compound increase rate (include the ionic facility that engrave corrode) will amount to 12.45 % . The beginning of the year, he says to reporter citing, 12 inches of product line, if produce,can be 50 thousand, need 70 70 chemical and filmy equipment, plasma to cut corrode facility at least, total prices at least 400 million dollar.

Now, branch of chemical and filmy deposit equipment however already dissolve. In small afore-mentioned personages say, this is temporary measure, center resource to expand advantage business first at present. She says, the 2nd season, company business is quite outstanding.

Yin Zhiyao accepted Singapore recently " associated morning paper " the calm when the special interview old, the company is growing hardly at at present period, still do not have a good deal of sales revenue, still rely on international wind to cast prop up.
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