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The State Council announces milkings quality safety to superintend byelaw

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Wen Jiabao of premier of Chinese the State Council signs the State Council 9 days to make, announced " milkings quality safety monitors regulation " () of byelaw of the following abbreviation, rules applies since the day that announce. Byelaw made the provision of 3 respects to superintending sectional duty and legal responsibility, include to establish illegal production system of ” of operator “ blacklist, right the curator that concerned people government, concerned branch has leader responsibility finds out responsibility to wait lawfully.

Chinese milk industry is all-time crisis it is reported, to superintending sectional duty and legal responsibility, byelaw made the following the regulation of 3 respects:

It is the duty division of labor that superintends a branch clearly, raise strict requirement to superintending supervisory inspection responsibility of the branch. Orders provision, pasturage vet branch is in charge of suckling cultivate to raise and the segment of production of milk giving birth to delicacy, supervisory management that buys segment. Quality is supervised examine the supervisory management that quarantine branch is in charge of dairy produce producing link and segment of milkings imports and exports. Industrial and commercial management department is in charge of dairy produce selling the supervisory management of link. Food medicines and chemical reagents supervises a branch to be in charge of dairy produce meal serving the supervisory government of link. Door of Ministry of Public Health is in charge of milkings quality be being coordinated integratedly of safe supervisory management, the organization investigates food safety grave accident, the organization makes lacteal character measure safe state level.

Orders provision, superintendency branch wants regular surveillance to selective examination to milkings, announce inform against means and superintendency information, build system of ” of blacklist of “ of illegal production operator.

2 it is firm lead responsibility. Produce lacteal character to measure safe accident, cause serious consequence to perhaps be affected badly, the controller that leads responsibility to concerning people government, concerned branch to have investigates duty lawfully.

3 it is the legal responsibility that superintends sectional nonperformance duty clearly. The duty that byelaw of superintendency branch nonperformance sets, cause consequence, or misuse of authority, have action of other dereliction of duty, perhaps appoint and dismiss the director staff with direct and main to its controller, responsible mechanism and personnel of other and direct responsibility to give the disciplinary action that marks a serious offence to perhaps demote by censorial mechanism; Cause serious consequence, give dismiss or the punish of discharge; Those who make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully.

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