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China of high cost times makes an advantage where

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Long-term since, chinese manufacturing industry is downstream in be in in global industry catenary, although output of a lot of products occupies world front row, but additional cost is inferior, the product proportion that has own intellectual property especially is lesser, the comparison of “ China production ” the advantage basically is reflected in low cost respect. However in recent years Chinese manufacturing industry each element cost rises continuously, add a RMB to appreciate wait for an element, “ China makes ” enter high cost period gradually. So, does current “ China make ” still have an advantage?

Cost advantage was not lost

According to estimation of U.N. Industrial Development Organization, 2007, chinese manufacturing industry has output of 172 kinds of products to reside the world the first, the world the toy of 70% , the phone of 50% , shoe, produce bag of the color television of more than 1/3, box from China, 11.44% what Chinese manufacturing industry increases a value to take the world.

Industry letter ministry moves monitor Zhu Hong of harmonious bureau director to allow to express, the position basically reflects the international of Chinese manufacturing industry to go up in gross, still put in certain difference with the developed country on quality. Although cost lasts,rise currently, but the comparison that China makes the advantage was not lost, will still keep quite long period of time.

“ above all, the capacity of integrated form a complete set that China creates is strong, the course develops for years, chinese manufacturing industry already formed kind all ready, fluctuation swims the industrial system with strong capability of industrial form a complete set, can satisfy domestic and international market the demand of a variety of administrative levels. Considering cost of integrated form a complete set, the competitive dominant position that China creates is very strong still. ” Zhu Hong allows to say.

New comparison the advantage is brewing

Face the objective reality that creates phyletic element cost to rise continuously, chinese government is pushing an industry actively structural adjustment and optimize upgrade, those who drive line of business of Wu of kimono of the confluence of manufacturing industry and information industry, manufacturing industry is shirt-sleeve, advance own innovation, promote China production international competition ability.

Zhu Hong allows to say: Of the promotion that “ creates element gift structure as China and industrial structure optimize, should work concentrated model when industrial cost compares advantage wear off, china is made new comparison will be obtained in the other link of global industry catenary and domain advantage. ”

Press standard of inflation of small whole world

Go up century since 90 time, china carried on in great quantities global industry move. In recent years Chinese government increased the strength of industrial structural adjustment, drive change to develop way hard, control high cost can, industry of tall platoon discharged grows too quickly, accelerate advance wash out backward productivity, advance energetically energy-saving decrease a platoon, advance can develop continuously.
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