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Of female shoe of settle of house of Italian name shoe

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As 2008 female shoes international purchases a festival to draw near gradually, good news is transmitted ceaselessly. Consume the market to develop China further, well-known trademark is in tens of Italian homes jointly of Chinese female shoe make a shoe shop. As western with Italian name the shoe gives priority to a problem first exhibit a house, permanent settle Chengdu.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to “ female shoe the house of Italian name shoe that ” builds, the staff member is perfecting establishment finally. Area of renown shoe house has 300 square metre about, exhibit a stage to be like,be being put the Garden, Giordano appearance shoe that comes from Italian different brand. Here, be about to put the shoe of newest 2009 appearance of brand of a gleam of of nearly 500 Italy.

It is reported, during purchasing a division, house of Italian name shoe will be open to the public. Citizen besides close quarters outside one feast one's eyes on, partial Italy brand still will sell to the public with factory price, the citizen will arrive with scare buying of the cheapest value these Italian name shoes.

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