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Jump jump piscine shoe takes brand image to upgrade

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The Wen Zhou that once created “ 5 days to open an inn ” jumps jump piscine shoe takes a company, in this October, start ten brand shop again at the same time the miracle of practice. On October 8, jump jump vessel of country of fish market Ou Hongdian, new bridge center of shopping centers, neighborhood, square of commerce of Ping Yangao Jiang Jiangbin, city of happy clear willow and Guizhou Bi Jie, Chongqing is heavy 100, general merchandise of new century general merchandise, Xi'an Jin Ying, Taiyuan is expensive ten shoes such as general merchandise of times of Baoding of general merchandise, Heibei take brand shop monopolistic hall at the same time practice.

   Brand image upgrades

Developing quickly while, jump in recent years jump piscine company promotes a brand image ceaselessly. And this promotion, most intuitionistic is brand shop figure is brand-new upgrade.

In the inn of river of a huge legendary turtle of new start business, no matter be appearance, shop, the figure of whole still brand shop reflects a kind of high quality scales, high grade, professional brand image. Install Introduction Ying according to a surname of this company vise general manager, as jump jump the buildup of piscine actual strength, the grow in quantity of recreational shoe design, and of guest discharge increase, the cell storefront previously cannot have satisfied the requirement of the market. For this, upgrade in this figure in, jump jump cell storefront of the fish is brand-new upgrade for double a storefront.

After hardware upgrades, software also upgrades subsequently, what included service and management among them is brand-new upgrade. Jump for promotion jump brand image of the fish, jump jump piscine company is before new store start business, right all guide the member that buy undertook grooming newly. Accordingly, jump jump of the fish guide the member that buy is provided more professional.

  Area is strong and outspread

2008, appreciate as the RMB, oil price and raw material rise in price substantially, labor cost rises, exit drawback drops and of building city, stock market glide substantially wait for a reason, great majority makes business be at one's wits' end, but jump jump piscine company however with powerful momentum, exceed rapid rate, in countrywide rapid dilate.

Jump jump the shoe that piscine company regards home of Wen Zhou head as to use fictitious management method takes a company, found from the enterprise now, in very short time, the glamour of the actual strength that depending on a product and brand conquered heavy consumption person, created industry another miracle, make the brand that everybody likes very quickly, and have the honor to win ” of brand of “ fashionable Wen Zhou two years continuously, have the power of ” of a dark horse of line of business of shoe of “ Wen Zhou greatly.

Jump jump piscine company is sale headquarters with Wen Zhou, wear to dilate of complete province, whole nation ceaselessly oneself force. To now, jump jump the sale site that fish products card builds in the whole nation had exceeded 800.
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