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Nuojiya feels screen mobile phone short-term change industrial structure hard

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According to " Forbes " website report, although Nuojiya is about to release brand-new feeling screen mobile phone 5800 have very inviting price, but, the United States and European user cannot buy this product inside year however.
Stun industry

Nuojiya company Yu Benzhou 4 announce, will be in above all before the end of the year of mobile phone of screen of first their whole feeling Asia, middle east, Russia and put on sale of division of Spanish and other places, this one message makes many industry observation personages feel astonish. Although afore-mentioned markets held Nuojiyadi the half above of 2 quarters total sales volume, but the Christmas that considers the end of the year shops seasonal, europe and American market will be more main to promoting Nuojiya's outstanding achievement.

Capital of extensive region coronal (Global Crown Capital) analyst peaceful collect - Kuyidilun (Tero Kuittinen) say: “ this will cause very great harm to Nuojiya. Normally, some mobile phone can not produce an effect to share price, but this mobile phone differs somewhat, what because people is already right,its expected to be as long as one year is long. ”

So, why doesn't Nuojiya face global put on sale directly this mobile phone? Nuojiya's spokesman expresses, because need to undertake deciding be productioned to operation business,this basically is. For example, the Orange with French subordinate telecommunication and Wo Dafeng all ask to be its custom-built and special color, add the mark of themselves and bill of fare at the same time. This makes the put on sale that this mobile phone is in afore-mentioned areas by defer several weeks. However, the operation business of Asia and middle east area often won't raise this kind of requirement to the product.

   Accord with anticipate

5800 mobile phones are in the Nuojiya of new fund a lot of respects with industry anticipate photograph be identical. For example, its are naked the mobile phone of machine is 279 euro (390 dollars) , and the price that 3G edition IPhone is in Italy and England is 499 euro respectively (700 dollars) with 350 pound (619.19 dollars) .

In the meantime, the function of this mobile phone also achieved the anticipation of people: It includes function of 3G data join, camera of 3.2 million number resembling element, buy GPS locates inside system, and still matched the feeling screen that contains tactile feedback function. Although still be done not have,had not appeared on the market formally to this mobile phone, but after believing to had seen these introductions above, a lot of people are right itch to try of this mobile phone.

The analyst horse Ci of SEB Enskilda of Swedish investment firm - Nisiteluomu (Mats Nystrom) say: A lot of people of “ regard this mobile phone of Nuojiya is IPhone killer. But Nuojiya was in this product fixed position however more broad market. Be in current and such low under confused macroscopical economy setting, this will be an advisability lift. ” Nuojiya still hopes their musical service can attract more low end to consume a crowd. This Zhou Si, the infinite quantity music that the “Comes With Music” that Nuojiya releases served to be offerred for the user one year downloads a service, and all charge are included was in in the price of the mobile phone. Nevertheless, this service should develop action to be afraid truly still need a few time. Because at present this service is aimed at the Nuojiya of British market only,5310 mobile phones are released. Next year 5800 mobile phones also will offer Nuojiya this one service, and still will expand in succession more countries.
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