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When boss promise gives you high pay...

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Today, in the fast society with information unusual change, everybody hopes to encounter Bai Le, ego is revealed adequately in life arena. But become this " Bai Le " beside come to you truly, when promise gives you high pay, you can take care extremely, offer a piece of advice in next experience with haematemesis:
Boss way
Way one, ask ab. to take up a resposible post repeatedly
The author has seen an employer of civilian battalion industry, achieve till today from 500 yuan of build up on ten million family property. The boss does bigger more, discover the person beside does not suit the pace that he grows however, then will all follow veteran is killed entirely, want to had been done from the foundation. Hear Zhang Mou, once had the brilliant experience of bring the dying back to life of business of battalion of Guo Mou civilian, disregard the identity then, ask ab. to take up a resposible post repeatedly, please virtuous person give mountain. Zhang Mou is touched by its, appetent work energetically one time, undertake reform, the result does not get killed to 3 months alack, alleged lofty ideal did not propose a toast body predecease.
An a n experienced person comments on: Those does not succeed successfully on behalf of this.
Way 2, all requirements are used up affirmatory
Ever also experienced before the author a few years personally. This boss is in jeopardy during force is invited give oneself to give mountain. At first, affirmatory share, the author was not felt by its, increase other commitment again later. Who knows, after the author assumes office, ability discovers, be consciousness at all is different. Even if, he ever had the grace of have found a superior appreciative of one's ability, but annals differs to should not, without the future character, waste life, can asperse only " tear " and not.
Way 3, will reform according to your apiration
When some bosses walk along at the end of one's resources, already did not have way, come then ask way of brook of tall person additional monarch -- will reform according to your apiration. If really when be reformed according to your apiration, what you discover the first wants to cut down is a boss. That is returned! ? Wanted to turn over won't do, hero is then flat...
A n experienced person is commented on: "What kind of boss has what kind of company culture. " the crucial point of the problem is absent below person, and in him boss.
Consequently, be opposite when a boss the your cast a ball made of strips of silk, eye that cast eyebrow when, must not dizzy, attention:
One, successful story is same, succeeding is to have each however different.
"Bazaar does not have ever-victorious general " . One the individual's success, the result that is action of many sided element -- good luck, ability, environment. To civilian battalion enterprise, the boss' consciousness is the most crucial. 2003, china of it may be said implements power year, a lot of civilian battalion bosses are among this kind of tide, feel executive importance even more. 2004, the wind of executive force did not see a bit is abate. Before be being added paragraph time, free of itinerate of instructor of a few big shop signs of Chinese tells executive muscularity class, add fuel to the fire lets heart of civilian battalion boss send itch more -- the boss listened, consider as employee to should listen more; Employee let, think of true attend a lecture is a boss -- the boss is changeful it is the main reason that cannot carry out.
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