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Of professional handler the first heavy Xiu Lian: Must not weigh brother with th

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Must not weigh brother with the boss! This topic is a bit acerb! It is especially after SARS, need authority just about when be of one heart and one mind struggles difficultly. But if not be such saying come out, we have some of profession handler to won't realize this. Why to want such telling, nature has a few interests to need to be stated to everybody inside this.

With boss call each other brothers, natural on the with oneself interest on the job meeting seeks a few profit, this is the common fault of general profession handler. Also be normal human feelings, natural give no cause for more criticism. But I should say break be not these.

The boss of general the world has the following 3 kinds of types are OK and wraparound:

Make money model. This kind of person, no matter his business has how old, it is dicker person. In their eye, making money is the first, his other Mom is to talk nonsense! In the plan matters of boss at hand of this one type, you are a coolie only forever, no matter you are,become general manager or carry out trustee. All your ability make money to help him only, deviate this orbit, I am sorry, you have a person only. With younger brother of path of elder brother of this kind of person, can be only over wine desk, left wine desk, you must not think you are the boss' brother, you should sink next hearts come, study a boss a moment ago conversation, which is true where is one false? Otherwise, you were played to still do not know!

Enjoyment. This kind of person, it is some day earned big money or be the family property that accepted parents, oneself does not have other aspiration, life generation enjoyment is first. Work in the at hand of boss of this one type, you are fastened forever too serious. Do not think you have the knowledge of numerous and talent, do not think you are Yan Hui again world Zhuge Chongsheng, you must not think did not have you, that one booth of enterprise boss of the boss nobody was in charge of, did not have your boss to did not have a law to live, such word, you wrong! And it is off base! ! ! The boss needs a kind of life only, one kind can be satisfied at the lifestyle of his enjoyment through so called career. Does he need you so serious why on earth? You must not be done he is too tensely, also must not with his call each other brothers, his new move to you consist in yesterday, whether still be being returned to his appetite today is an unknown! In the meantime, you do not think this kind of boss is without ability, as a result has the deep feeling of a kind of set a high demand on somebody in the hope that he will improve at you, but, what I should tell you is: You are wrong!

Career. Work in the boss at hand of this type, you need to have two kinds of capacity: The first it is the ability that be an upright person. Why to want such telling? Career the boss is an able person above all, he works, not only system works now respect, more body is an upright person now respect, alleged work to be an upright person first, connect a person to won't be done, still talk about a career? So, you should have the capacity that be an upright person above all. Do not think this is very simple, there are you inside this academic! Had heard of " does the knife hit bean curd try to please both parties " this common saying? Rely on harden oneself and this kind of kongfu comes. The 2nd it is working ability. Work, it is above all there must be special skill or outstanding place in some respect, otherwise, what qualification do you have to work together in his at hand as professional handler? If you do sale to make the market, you must be gotten have the thing with two new brushes, what career boss takes a fancy to is your innovation ability, is not you eyeball of the have sth in mind that be cheated goes drawing the ass shape that grinds repeat what the book says, this kind foolish asinine thing has big person to do, he Lao do you worry about? With the career model boss more do not want call each other brothers, want to know, you are a castle of his at hand only forever, in should do what thing, the abacus in boss heart is as clear as day. Lose in you when using value, your mission also arrived at. The boss' state forever very tall, no matter you and he does poineering work together,still be safeguard one's heritage, he stands in high hill peak look down at to wear forever his located industry and at hand manager of profession of one outer leaf people, he often can use you when suit, when suiting eliminate a few unwell and operable people. Such boss, should you become brother with him?
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