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Of professional handler the 2nd heavy Xiu Lian: Ask a boss to send high pay for

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The standard yearly salary of the professional handler of a standard is: It is a bottom line with 100 thousand yuan, up outspread, the space is infinite! At present substation of domestic greater part calls " professional handler " yearly salary all is in 80 thousand yuan the following, this a flock of people cannot be true professional handler, can say only for " accurate profession handler " , or " white-collar " , because they return the value that did not realize professional handler, had not created " firewood of 100 thousand the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor " place gives the get one's own back with correspondence correspondingly. In boss eye, this a flock of people do not calculate is true professional handler, the value because of them too too commonplace. Scan widely looks to the market, it is this is planted everywhere " accurate profession handler " , informal a help wanted can speak one large quantities of, optional choose sex is too much.

The value of true professional handler depends on, if your yearly salary is 100 thousand yuan, criterion your position in the enterprise is others is irreplaceable, because,this is by your specialty, your ability, the integrated quality place such as your ability and your profession morality decides, everything of all these, let boss conscientiously ground send you 100 thousand yuan yearly salary only and have no alternative.

True professional handler is to use general action of everyday help wanted place is less than. They already were in personally commonly exalted, be in a few famous or in the company that has dimensions quite, working sureness career is successful, how may you use what can a simple advertisement enrol these people to come namely? ! True professional handler is to must adopt hunt head firm or other way will " dig " come over, make with high pay, xu Yikuan develops a space widely, xu Yiji sends the management concept of person fight to wait, in order to obtain their self-identity.

Professional handler is in comprise by two parts person normally below the state at present, one kind is a technology model, those who do is tall, essence of life, only, chief project characteristic; One kind is the market model, mix with sale management is celebrated; The market the quality demand that professional handler needs to have is quite high, often join sale and government 2 for one, because this kind of person is the master sportsman of freely business sea, enterprise often most welcome.

These two years, the sale person that enters this field with the professional handler with sale celebrated management or experience more and more was very popular, get online from the net the pay investigation that place of below a few media makes shows, the company is bigger and bigger to the demand of this kind of talent, already was next to the high-tech industry such as IT, and pay sees with each passing day go up. A few kinds of larger to breach of demand of this kind of talent trades are centered in day to change respectively, health care of drink of home appliance, food, medicine, business is retail wait for a domain, these domains commercialize degree taller, competition is intense, enterprise normally with " cut and thrust " stand facing each other, accordingly, the sale government person with ability of special to having talent simply Qiu Xianre is thirsty.
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