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Bai Le: I think over, I exist

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The word says Bai Le after with a horse that covers a thousand li a day of a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge renown shake all corners of the country, a lot of enterprise ask ab. to take up a resposible post repeatedly invite his to give mountain. Final Bai Le is moved by the sincere place of some enterprise, took up the post of the manpower resource chief inspector of this enterprise. Before before long, 2003 inferior the city is optimal employer gives heat, bai Le is right lose out from what already was in an enterprise, it is to object first, think this and the belle show of 10 big harbor elder sister are similar, the composition of try to please the public with claptrap over its are actual value, but considered carefully later to go up the administrative thinking of enterprise of a list of names posted up, not by begin to think over: Though enterprise of a list of names posted up on these was 2003,be not typical and successful case, but should be lens with this really, bright gain and loss, know to promote for -- for the moment is in charge of whether the optimal employer that makes can be counted on one's fingers, since realize the value of employee is the core power that the company expands, but Where is the good employer in why failing to make employee frame of mind?

Think over one of: Who is good horse? It is good horse, cannot only with whether can day travel a thousand li will measure. Some horses, run quickly, 4 hoof give birth to wind, can use flying newspaper military situation; Some horses, run firmly, can use hold a person; Some horses, muscularity is clinking, can use deliver goods; Some horses, courage is great, can use fight; ... a lot of industries are searched hard in talent of sigh with regret, scanty do not know this and the standard that lack the ability that lose a person to concern, and often take an error, the deities that inspects to airborne arms, not stint weighs gold, but inspect however to middle-level, basic level for trifle. Actually an organization is the group of a stair, the team that needs each levels will cooperate.

Think over: How photograph horse? Will judge equestrian ability and value by photograph horse division, can make between dirt of be reduced to poverty of a lot of a horse that covers a thousand li a day, just miss the opportunity; And a horse that covers a thousand li a day that gallops go up in racecourse is lucky much, they gain social status with their actual strength. A lot of enterprises did not form normative system when talent of invite applications for a job, it is completely by the feeling. Thought of book worship of one part enterprise is serious, move want Master doctor, and practical to its capacity and whether to agree with post, undertake assess and be assessmented without effective ground however; One part person is superstitious " fall in love at first sight " feeling, if the other side harangues, imbued with a spirit that can conquer mountains and rivers, think encountered tall person, extremely admire.
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