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The tragedy of professional handler!

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These two days read an article on the net, the Jing of Gao Luhua color television of respecting Guangdong shows more than 600000000 yuan deficit black hole, and of this black hole only then the professional handler that the person that make tomb figure is famous: Mr Liu Jianghua.
The person that confuses inside sale group may know " Liu Jianghua " this individual, in handler of the 2nd acting profession: "Liu Jianghua " it is advanced that this name can say it is a few years most canorous. This is he is in not just the cause that home appliance mixes for a long time inside this industry, there also has been outstanding outstanding achievement in the group that achieve dimension because of him not just, the sale that in joining Gao Luhua one year short because of him however, creates is mythological! Color television is in Gao Luhua 2000 is 400 thousand sales volume, and was in 2001 of Liu Jianghua lead to fall however with one action takes below 1.8 million sales volume, thereby, make Gao Luhua marchs smoothly countrywide home appliance 2001 before pop chart 10.

But, liu Jianghua is in the middle ten days of a month left Gao Luhua 2002, pass when not a year, transmit the scandal of the deficit that make a holiday namely in former company, can't help making a person clutch wrist to heave a sigh.

Before a few days, also read an article of Mr You Changqiao on the net, namely: < career handler, of professional handler wonderful very quickly! > . Read will make a person plaint!

My plaint have 3:

1, as the person that work, is the prospect that before long all without exception considers to be his made one time dozen go all out? ! Taiwan has a song to be called < love spells ability to be able to win > . Think stand out, considering a success is the dream of every sale person;

2, in capital and working game, capital is in dominant position from beginning to end. No matter be the work person of advanced sale manager or lowermost layer, in distinguish without what substantially, we are dozen of a flock of workers that are in second position from beginning to end;

3, if not shallow the fixed position that inspects oneself. Working is profession or career, need to we are examined afresh and be known. In real work lifecycle, most person is in both the concept on the choice between is vague, lost oneself very easily;

I myself am engaged in sale management the job is close already 10 years, the changes in temperature of wind and cloud in duty field and heavy surplus surplus see too much. I think myself is handler of a profession, with this fixed position, I assumed office much home company, it is Le Fu, good to include to be in Li Chen, home at first arrive again more again present general. Has experienced painful or happy thing resembles be in yesterday. We have result from this extremely the era that fast development opens, all sorts of different ideas are in this times hits in each industries and lighten scintilla. because such, we were acquired too much...
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