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Career handler: Professional handler is wonderful very quickly

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On March 20, on Fair of cotton goods of needle of the 81st China, zhou Feng of president of graceful beautiful group puts forward formally " career handler " concept, elaborated with respect to be related of Zhao strong assume leadership " career handler " the concept has two meanings, the first, he is facilities of whole graceful beautiful group " handler " , the 2nd, he is complete regard the career that develops graceful beautiful group as a when oneself realize life long-term career.

Regard a profession as handler, I think of Mr Zhou Feng " career handler " the concept has insight very much. Actually, "Do not regard the job as profession, and should regard as a career " this kind of point of view is not new, but the creativity of Mr Zhou is abstracted with respect to what depend on this concept. But want truly by " professional handler " to " career handler " produce qualitative change, it is difficult to say to be done easily, need boss and professional handler equality speak, mutual reliance, mutual and good-tempered, build jointly.

I believe every profession handler is regard as in the profession oneself career, but of handler of a lot of professions exeunt cloudily, of a lot of bosses is dispute blame, make the same score to this topic added a few minutes heavy and complex. I already was hit in civilian battalion enterprise nowadays spell 4 year, wind storm rain, have a lot of deep feeling oneself.

The first, as the boss, the enterprise that since hope professional handler regards this profession as,grows for a long time, so oneself should accomplish the following:

1, the orientaton of viewpoint of value that should agree with professional handler, this is condition of a premise. If capital is possessory the viewpoint of value with person of duty already manage is basic incompatible, so absolutely cannot come true to coexist in all the development target of flourish.

2, provide a full stage to professional handler truly. In a lot of civilian look forward to, professional handler is a decoration only, it is a vase, although the boss retreats house behind the curtain, constant however hold court from behind a screen, have exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs even lift, it is under such scene, can professional handler become the profession career?

3, the get one's own back that gives can attract professional handler. This is a real problem. Redound itself already surmounted corporeal category, be opposite however of its value approbate. If the drive of evasive material, it is the idea of one's own wishful thinking.

4, have tolerant state of mind to failing. If possessory Wen Gongze is fond of capital, had heard an anger, this kind of collaboration is affirmative cannot long. Your persistently demand rises rise, but when encountering objective element suffer a setback, do you have this kind of tolerant mind? 669 time because the president of 100 things coke is decision-making bring about a company to suffer huge loss carelessly, but president encourages him however, let him begin the work boldly, this president says: "We had paid tuition for your failure, I believe you won't the mistake with congener recommit " .
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