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You " canal " good your boss?

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Working environment manages to duty already the person's importance, can apply mechanically a familiar to the ear can the ad words of detailed will explain: Working environment accomplishs future. The working environment of a person includes weak environment and good environment, it basically is to point to discipline of regulation of requirement of the human relation inside working limits, work, policy, organization to wait. Working environment has 7 factors, namely immediate boss, more requirement of leader of on one class, organization, colleague, subordinate, work, raise a requirement. Before these 7 elements are medium 5 are mental element, namely weak environment, hind two are corporeal element, namely good environment. Good environment gets the limitation of a lot of external condition, but weak environment is an interactive process however, what you sow is a happy working environment, what then you harvest is a happy working environment, conversely, if you sow, is a negative working environment, what then you harvest is a negative working environment likewise. Weak environment and the relation of professional handler, be just like is climate and arboreous relation. Climate good weather for the crops, arboreous grow be well established and vigorously developed, tree grows be well established and vigorously developed, criterion climate can suit his to grow more, enter benign loop from this. Conversely, if weather can'ts bear badly, tree cannot grow, tree cannot grow, bring about climate again more abominable, enter vicious circle from this.

Boss occupies axes position in 7 element in working environment, having the effect of dominant to the human relation of professional handler. Because boss is opposite,this is while leader of on one class is having the bridge effect of a connecting link between the preceding and the following, be opposite again inferior the bond effect that having organization, direct, harmonious, balance. Had handled the relation with boss only, you just can be obtained accredit, support, help and encourage, you just can be inspired with enthusiasm, enthusiasm times add, the heart is not had by the investment that consider the ground arrives among the job. If contradict with boss acerb, relation become rigid, criterion mentally is inevitable and depressed, depressing, if things go on like this can bring about the serious twist of character, disposition, psychology, physiology, the result is not to succumb depend on, obsequious, it is inactive and decadent, lose confidence.

A lot of people have a kind of illusion, think only boss ability manages subordinate effectively, ability concerns between strong harmonious good member, and subordinate is in passive condition forever, have hard as. Actually, boss and subordinate contradict as a pair, influence and control are opposite, between the process that gets along with boss, it is to be able to charge minute of play subjective activity completely, manage good boss, the do a job with skill and ease in making already working oneself.
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