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Today, your accredit?

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A classical advertisement sign was made when Yahoo is attracting eyeball in those days " today, your Yahoo? " , and as a controller, you should ask possibly from already: Today, your accredit?

Accredit, it is the need that shows controller basis works, the partial power that has oneself and responsibility award subordinate to go exercise, make subordinate is making a kind of method of leadership that makes an appointment with handiwork of mechanism transfer to a lower level to make and art certainly. Accredit is the important way that improves work efficiency and efficiency, of the accredit that is pair of subordinate and support reflect, it is the secret that makes individual and group joy grow definitely.

How sufficient and reasonably accredit? The article from accredit before, 3 phase after medium, accredit have authorization discuss.

One, before accredit due what kind of state of mind?

1, always remember: You are a general, not be a soldier; You are a policymaker, executant of and rather than. When World War II, somebody asks a general: "What person suits pawn? " the general replies so: "Clever and lazy person " . It is incisive judgment really. What is the main job of controller? "Way of   of Right of Find The   , find The Right Person To Do " (find accurate method, find right person to carry out. ) . As controller you answer as far as possible accredit, the issue that you do not consider to do, the thing that others can do weller than you, the thing that you are done without time, the job that cannot produce your ability adequately, courageous and resolute subordinate of ground resign to goes doing. Only such, your ability not by " trifling majority " be pestered, and have enough time thinks and handle " significant minority " . A successful controller is not all the day busy the person that must turn all round, however everything all is mastering, carefree and content person. Zhu Geliang is a very good seeking official, but not be a good controller, "Take care of everything oneself, exert one's utmost effort " , the result did not groom piece can the team of take charge of a department alone, so that he is dead hind the general is not had in Sichuan.

2, should be brave in to assume risk and responsibility. If subordinate does the business,was bungled, ying Yong assumes responsibility at be its, and do not want shuffle. The mistake of subordinate is your mistake, the blemish of subordinate is your blemish, the failure of subordinate is your failure, servantchoose a person for a job at least undeserved the responsibility that is you.

3, should not be fear of subordinate " result Gao Gai advocate " . As controller, want to have the capacity of command horse and foot not only, have the mind that encourages a group to surmount even; Want not only hardheaded go all out in work, have the military strategy of drive and subordinate of guide and support even. Actually, the achievement of subordinate was reflecting controller know one's subordinates well enough to assign them jobs commensurate with their abilities and leader in the right way. Incentive other success is from the greatest already success, the joyance that makes other progress is from the biggest already joyance.
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