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District director " humanness " 8 give up

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It is a person first, work after. Humanness is an art, working is a science. The cornerstone that district director regards a company as and figure " ambassador " , how should hold " humanness " artistic, win the collective reliance of agency and company thereby, efficient does tall efficiency ground begin business to work? Here author basis is engaged in the experience of sale management for a long time, discuss district director jointly with you " humanness " Buddhist monastic discipline, as to district director " work " general of Buddhist monastic discipline is discussed in his article.

One give up: Dispute of eristic before the client company. District director full day is outer rush about, very painstaking, but as a result of working content different, the personnel of company headquarters " standing to talk not lumbago " , cannot be consider of district director put oneself in other's position, the certain and slashing system that publishs so or multifarious formalities may allow district director " piece from anger " ; Additionally the company stems from overall consideration, certain policy is likely with place period has certain difference especially, because this district director also can have disappointed feeling; And if the market appears again,wave twists and turns is folded, inner pressure and grievance canned be imagined. Although have above a lot of problem, but these are " people is inside " contradictory, district director should stand in certain height to understand without fail, go including, cannot comment before the client absolutely dispute. The director of Hua Dong district of company of some famous beauty system ever reached home my company negotiates cooperative thing. At first this manager also showed the boldness of vision of the company, talk to fund of fund of advantage of sale strategy, product. But point out when me its are when a lot of flaw among distribute policy and distribute contract, beyond of my expect is, this manager unexpectedly excited change sides in a war atttacks abrupt mood its boss and director, think their whats do not understand. He says: "I had said them early this kind of course of action won'ts do. Tell the truth our company interior manages a disorder, I did not want early to work. because you are astute, just did not go up our set, a few agency that had signed a contract this with me were decided to death for certain. Our company does not go affirmative meeting 9 years to fall. Say a truth to you, we publicize the product on an album of paintings to still do not have ability to produce at all, the product that is used others changes label to take a picture. Your company has actual strength so, flat we come joint development. Flat we come joint development..

Need not say, we affirm the business is won't do with this company. Cooperating with this manager of course also is impossible absolutely. Who dare believe to face a fleeing challenge? Common saying says " gold of make things difficult for others, calamity of the disappear that replace a person " , he is taking the salary of the company actually, the poor travelling expenses of beautiful company will rot the fame of the company. Nevertheless the boss of this company and director also should think over think over: Why can district director predestined relationship is opposite the company is so acedia, and be in the first time before the client that seeks a range not plan does ground of proper limits for speech or action atttack a company?
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