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Be in civilian battalion enterprise, how should handler make full professional s

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Go up in the face when warm 2003 sunshine have diarrhoea when, I suddenly Jing becomes aware, in wind storm rain, now have been the 4th year that spell is made in civilian battalion enterprise. Be in before two years one large standing vice-president allows to hold subordinate company general manager concurrently in civilian battalion enterprise, exert one's utmost effort, wrap around thorn of chaste tree behead, but when business obtains a breakthrough, I must not get not regretful ground to wave however leave. Now division health technology (China) limited company holds the post of sale general manager, came one many year in the past, at present the company still faces a lot of difficulty, but oneself and boss, other company high level, it is absolutely be of one mind however, arrowy annals does not move, I also already was feel just like a fish in water oneself, more Zhan Yuyong. In general, I am lucky, early or late two bosses have bosom and courage and insight very much. But why is the destiny that my individual is in two enterprises disparate however? I think, because currently hold the post ofhim boss,be on one hand it is MBA, have higher quality, our value sense is more adjacent, because my oneself is more mature,also be on the other hand, can play more comprehensively for the person. Handler of a profession, should how is ability mixed truly boss be of one heart and one mind, each other believes to go back on one's word, be thereby already built a full professional stage oneself? My deep experience is had done the person first, just can have done the thing again. Here a few personal experiences according to the author, make with you some discuss. (the author notes: In the author early or late two located enterprises, the boss all assumes president)

One, the first thing is to choose pair of industries and elect pair of bosses, namely wood of pick of alleged fine birds and dwell. If seed of career assimilate to, the word of farmer of professional handler assimilate to, choosing pair of professions is the climate that the choice is helpful for growing, electing pair of bosses is the soil that the choice is helpful for growing together. If climate and soil suit far from, you no matter how " the earth below sweat drop standing grain " , also be impossible to have crop absolutely. Choosing a profession is to build already was opposite oneself over the assurance of society and the tendency that economy grows, the commerce of the knowledge with extensive handler of profession of this hang on and acumen is instinctive. And choose a boss, basically be to should have collective viewpoint of value and humanitarian view. Remember: Two people that on the thought each other does not agree with, if be ligament with the interest only, be absolutely cannot long collaboration. The collaboration that is just like the Communist Party and Kuomintang is same, the tenet of two parties differs completely, may be face and heart disaccord only of course, happy a period of time, but hit all one's life. Can say I and predecessor boss are mixed currently hold the post ofa boss to play in humanness on special self-identity, but why to fail in the company previously? Crucial fault is in with respect to the fault before entering a business, the its understanding that does not have an a few with twisted roots and gnarled branches-complicated and difficult to deal with is clear: My predecessor boss, authority was lost in the right fight of familial interior, authority of financial, human affairs already by the hand that falls at its madam, and I and its madam are extreme misery however on the idea not dissolve, later " the method is different not get along with is sought " , the thing in naturally reason. Because had this lesson,be, after leave one's post the choice joins in newly when the enterprise, I forgoed the opportunity of the water of high position high pay of a lot of large companies, the understanding that because be in interview,the boss of these enterprises is running the side such as resource of politic, manpower, sale management is fundamental conflict, I believe firmly for temporarily high pay collaboration, hidden trouble is tremendous, its cost also is heavy for certain.
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