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Charing is the path of harden oneself

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A friend, arrive newly civilian look forward to goes to work, when original invite applications for a job, had talked with manpower resource ministry, boss, become sale inspector general, be in charge of the sale of overall. And after going to work, the boss said a variety of reason, arrange him to become chief inspector assistant temporarily, be in charge of the sundry such as conference of collect forms for reporting statistics, announcement everyday, chief inspector acts as agent temporarily by the boss. Then he is cooperating a boss, taking the salary of chief inspector, do the work of assistant, made 3 months continuously. Till 3 months later, grow the view that talked about the target to the company and plan with the boss, just sit to chief inspector locally, can't help growing hiss at a heat.

During these 3 months, he is really " gingerly, on thin ice " , also had produced a lot of opinion. In civilian battalion enterprise, use the person low level of high-energy force, see him behave practical capacity, give corresponding position again next, this is very normally act. Must not want what to apply for, what to get, the boss often is to let you come in first, waited for you to do not have leeway to ask so again. More general is, the undergraduate that invite applications for a job comes to, no matter what is professional from most basic level is made, or put in the market, make them free compete, select outstanding person next, use for company place.

Be opposite actually for business person, doing not have a person is plain sailing. It is impossible that one pace reachs the designated position, boss ox root of Meng Niu is unripe, in those days with respect to Cong Yili brush bottle worker to be made. Nobody likes the thing that chare do, but be in an enterprise, charing is hard to avoid. The boss likes to let do sundry newly into personnel, some elite were overcome, build Nor to find new job then. Think actually a bit, the boss sets you from brush a table, sweep the floor begin, it is the harden oneself to you and test, grind you first " manager of old brand profession " air of arrogance, see your attitude to difficulty and setback.

Through charing, can let you more see a company clearly, let you want to know what you can do after all. The businessman is entered previously row, also want to begin from apprentice, want to learn above 3 years, next the master just teachs true original story. These 3 years of apprentice, the master should see you whether suit this industry, want you to be made from bagatelle, develop the character of your businessman. Whats work during apprentice, think till the master satisfactory, state of mind has been adjusted, have the desire of strong attend school, teach again at that time, be to become an order smoothly? This moment, the master's thing just is reflected came out value. You just came, he with respect to Babade collect goes up, be seen very easily clear by you, affect the result of study probably.

Present boss, also be same. If new personality comes up appoint with important task, be very dangerous to him? Losing is a boss. Such rushed choose and employ persons, also be to employee not the expression of chief, what can reduce you to succeed is likely. You chare by, edge observation, fathom, be the carry that knows whole company more easily is done? Sat locally not easier? Besides " eat family meal to put in a family 's charge to be in charge of " , since pay is changeless, just be in test you, in measure you, also let you get used to post and company. If you connect this patience to be done not have, that is flat went to calculate.
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