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Two species: Professional handler and boss

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A story tells the distinction of professional handler and boss.

Handler of course of study of one bounden duty and boss are transient Jing Yanggang, in drink in the inn that Wu Song drinks in those days, inn-keeper tells likewise there is a tiger before them. But they want to hurry on with one's journey, still want to cross ridge on time, lost market chance otherwise, the loss will be very big.

Professional handlers says to the boss: "We still wait, may somebody comes, our accompany and row, the person became much the tiger feared, won't eat us " .

The boss thinks carefully, say stealthily: "Why to want with others accompany travel, the tiger came, we beat dead him, be ours, cannot let others " .

What this story spoke their thinking is different. This is very normal, thinking way is decided by the identity, one works, one is a boss, thinking is different ability is normal, ability balance, same gift has a problem.

Risk consciousness is different

Taking one with another, professional handler is evasive risk, always think in case do not do, how to do, then as far as possible low price ground achieves a goal. And the boss is to should challenge a risk, always think in case make it, accrual is how old, want to hold all interests in him pocket then, wrestle. The boss is a boss, because have mind of this kind of adventure,be.

Boss and we are actually same, it is a poor in those days, the likelihood does not have us clever, the likelihood was not taken an examination of attend a college, but it is courage big, wrestle, accident however ground succeeded. When boss wrestle when, the market still has a lot of opportunities, originally we also have an opportunity to develop. But we are " good student " , study takes an exam to just can be used only " knowledge " , will prove educational system is correct, will prove the teacher is exalted, will prove the society is fair. Etc go out socially, just discover the opportunity was done not have, ability was not acquired, be forced in those days " bad student " work, study lives skill. If do not have,be washed out a few years by the boss later, grow handler of the course of study that it is duty, sure still withhold the thinking previously, avoid a risk, scrupulous. The time that go to school is longer, knowledge is more, case is more, become professional husband more easily, is not a boss.

Faithfulness is spent different

Their thinking about faithfulness is different. Professional handler is faithful to his major, just be faithful to the boss next. When if both happening,contradicting, it is prevenient to professional faithfulness certainly, be in to company loyalty hind, the fellow that because that is him,has a meal. If feel this enterprise does not suit, change an employer, but do not change major, cannot be piece " brick " , boss of at one's convenience is moved. Since you took my salary,the boss thinks, be about to listen to me, I let you do to be about what to do, regarded professional handler as enterprise handler, ask they are opposite above all the enterprise is faithful. This had contradiction among them.
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