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"The airs of an official " action

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In the enterprise, employee often does not understand a few ways of the boss. I had heard so eristic boss, "You see my our boss, the home is returned after issueing a class inside, often get a son to take a walk, simpatico. See ailing employee, also can looking to come out is heartfelt. Why does that go to work to pay face with respect to board move, what to do that dead appearance to have to use? To who to look? I am to look enough, should look for him originally, oneself start work now do. " the management of boss at hand is worn, often mix boss sham, the boss goes to work the frame work that carries a boss, the manager carries the frame work of the manager, look in employee pay those who break away from masses " dead appearance " . I hear such comment in a lot of enterprises, if let western government,the Great Master comes judge, regular meeting says controller has a problem on train of thought. But common saying says, of existence is reasonable, boss and manager make the sense that has him certainly so.

Like seeing a movie just like us, if you understand the around gut of the film, we can feel again wonderful film dull. It is so in the cinema, the person that knows gut explains enthusiasticly to you, and you feel embarrassed interrupting is the most painful. Why people explains enthusiasticly, and can you feel painful? The thing that is familiar with to us actually, we can feel wearily, can feel it is such nevertheless, care nothing. But if we do not understand, be interested in it possibly, awe-stricken to it even, this is human nature is delicate.

The boss knows very well the mystery of human level, accordingly he needs to do in the job a few " beautiful " , will add oneself secret touch, and those who accompanying secret touch is authority. Like be just like the emperor inside palace, hide inside deep palace, do not have a person to understand, then common people arose awe-stricken, the son that he should become dragon, his word is imperial edict. Because its cannot consider,mystery is, and make person be filled with deep esteem, so although the boss is in project oneself when, also won't let employee general survey do not have involuntary discharge of urine, cannot let employee see a heart more. So we say an action of the airs of an official is to produce mysterious feeling, produce authoritative move, the execution of facilitating company system.

The large issue of the problem that basically ponders over strategic level as the boss and company, he does not hope to often be disturbed by bagatelle. And if his frame is placed dye-in-the-woodly. Just like the dialog in front inside same, a few employee complete the work with respect to him likelihood, is not troublesome boss and manager. After all our a lot of employee are immature, cannot complete the work inside him responsibility well, the idea that the tradition leaves him is " difficulty looks for an organization, the problem seeks a guidance " , is not to think him method to solve. If the manager has frame work, produced distance move with subordinate, subordinate is occupied bad also to look for him, or at least wanted to be clear about go again, otherwise by " frame " very manager rebukes, also not be the thing of a glorious.
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