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The characteristic of native land culture manages

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Work the management on the level is very easy, no more than is PDCA, and be an upright person on the level difficult, adage says same rice raises 100 type person. The most difficult is everybody has a habit, everybody has idea, and these habits and idea are completely different, completely contrary even, and the task of controller unites them namely rise, achieve the goal of the company.

Groom once, I ask student: "Manage labour feel embarrassed? "Manage labour feel embarrassed??

The answer of student is: "Be difficult! "Be difficult!!

I ask: "It is difficult to there is many? "It is difficult to there is many??

A student says for fun: "It is difficult to be an upright person, it is more difficult to do a wife, the woman that make a name is extremely difficult. So I say, it is difficult to be an upright person, it is difficult to become governor, become middle-level governor extremely difficult. Become middle-level governor extremely difficult..

I ask: "Why be middle-level extremely difficult, is not superstratum, be also low level management person? Be also low level management person??

Student answer says: "High-level controller basically is in be an official, communicating, handling human relation, making the strategy, in discuss principles, the number that says them again is less, so although difficult, also be a few a few people difficult. Low level management person executive work is much, decision-making little, fluidity wants a bit bigger, you are bad to me, wind direction is wrong, go person. We these middle-level controller are different, the treatment that the company gives is OK still, have certain appeal, pull what the home takes a mouth to want to bear the blame, fundamental controller is such, the high level is in devise clever strategies, the bitterest be us, destroy tooth and blood to swallow, without method. Without method..

He says very rightly. Employee is very bad management, especially Chinese employee. The professional husband that has Hong Kong and Taiwan even says the Chinese has inherently turn over bone, just like " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " medium Wei Yan is same, refuse to obey inherently management, total him love is done advocate. You use government of centralization of state power, he feels you are not at ease to him, distrust, do not try hard then, not active, batch pull move. You use minute of authority government, he feels you are little to his guidance, it is not to care him, be shift responsibility to him. Controller is very then vexed, be forced to be aimed at the particular case of every employee, begin leader of so called scene. Does that show level employee what to characteristic there is? Why can you have these characteristics?

Employee characteristic

The capitalist country that develop, begin from industrial revolution, population centered a city from the country gradually, present agricultural population all is in 10% the following. Such move, let farmer and small handicraftsman, became dimensions to produce the industrial worker below. Of the characteristic of the farmer oneself are self-sufficient, should have planted the ground only, duty and land rent were handed in (the farmer except that China shows level) , of the others is him, the exchange with the outside is less. Because the disposition of this farmer is sure,be it is a center with ego, rare collaboration spirit, without regular consciousness. And industrial worker, made product line " servile " , what must abide by production is regular, ability does good work, cooperate with division of labour only, ability has bigger yield, then sure it is with fastening the person is a center, take communication and collaboration seriously. We lie the phase to market economy transition, employee lacks cooperative spirit, without regular consciousness, disobedient managing, become very normal.
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