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Delicate action of the post

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The company always that the friend is in in order to administer a standard celebrated, the boss also is famous figure, often make the central point of media. But my friend is very unfortunate, 3 years are in over there, still be the identity with branch vise general manager, work general manager.

Careful research has the way of the choose and employ persons of this boss, those who detect to go up with the book is completely different, but very effective. The administrator that he comes to to invite applications for a job, not be the post that comes according to invite applications for a job, appoint a post directly, give small post tall treatment at the beginning however, the working outstanding achievement that sees you next promotes a post again. My friend passed a few level, become the sale chairman of Shandong branch above all, do the clerk's work; Half an year becomes the selling manager of Henan branch later, be in charge of the sale of a province; Be appointed to be the controller of Hunan branch after half an year again; Now is the vise general manager of Hunan branch, I consider a possibility after half an year, his new position is the assistant general manager of Hunan branch, the general manager of Hunan branch is after half an year again.

Analyse the way of such choose and employ persons, have stated reason. New personality goes to a company, still do not know his self-identity to the company how, professional personal integrity how, want not to want to develop for a long time in the company, and the experience that knows associate with only is good still. Below this kind of circumstance, appointing management blindly the post is dangerous, cause greater harm probably to the company. So company according to the condition that talks when invite applications for a job, give out corresponding pay, and do not give out corresponding post, the place should watch his show in the job. Pay arrived, can let the other side feel, the company is approved to his ability, and the post did not arrive, he also can know the company is in test he. Made outstanding achievement a few times, underwent test a few times, the job goes with respect to upgrade also is reasonable. Such the heart is medium when he works very clear, how to do ability to have good job, working enthusiasm is rising also. Whole company also can maintain good aspirant mood.

Look conversely, if just will give tall job, the other side also won't feel possibly cherish, feel the company is to be in possibly also begging him, unavoidable meeting gives birth to a few proud moods, go against the management of whole company, also was to kill him. If the other side is not willing to be made from basic level, explain on certain level, this person is not very free from anxiety, or not was sure to outstanding achievement is being made in basic level.

Such way also cannot be used too overly, have test 3 times to be about to put stuff to the most appropriate post, is not to use the carrot of position to aing string of 1 all the time, condole is much, carrot is again delicious also do not have appeal.
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