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[big theorem of Zhong Shi CI8] structure of functional gradual change is theorem

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We cherish the mood of devoir and understanding, recall comes 20 years from us in front solemn and stirring " go down " crusader. What those taking pleasure in other's misfortune is satiric, the criticism of bright type of Zhuge of after the event, we are understandable. But to the best of my belief, the person that criticize is not as more brillant as handlers. Even if arrived today, the strategist of those flatter oneself stand high and see far people, egghead people, should accomplish forerunner in those days level, also be impossible almost. Feeling stone to cross the years of the river, do not have any experience to be able to be abided by, they go before the darkness of the risk is medium. Without giving thought to their start how, motive how, going up objectively is be ethical economy revitalize the way that explores a success!

Compose builds a kind of career to compare critically a kind of career is about a hundred times more difficult!

In the night before last of this century end, intellectual economy ases if stretch one's hand can reach. And I think, experience, especially from 1978 to 1998, the unsuccessful experience that reforming and opening comes to an enterprise 20 years manage, the likelihood is a kind the most precious " economic knowledge " . On March 5, 1998, once extremely popular Shenyang flies dragon group president Mr Jiang Wei, with huge courage, personally of compose " 20 big error of the president " in " Beijing youth signs up for " publish publicly, give precious aeriform money for social tribute. Below the setting of Asian banking crisis, can last of Chinese economy development, development can last of state-owend enterprise course of study in, had become the key of success or failure of Chinese reforming and opening. We hope more " Jiang Wei people " the station comes out, contribute the experience that you fail, invite extremely popular now entrepreneur people sober and sober, let a successor save high time and tuition, to can last of Chinese economy development makes contribution.

"The 20 big error that judge president Jiang Wei " , not be to want to prove oneself compare Jiang Wei cleverer, want to cast however give a brick, more derivative China entrepreneur people, contribute the jade of the failure that oneself come to 20 years. Know shame close to brave. Failure is successful mother!

This my brick, not be to take the beat that takes head production to come out, also be a kind " unsuccessful experience " child.

I ever held the post of assistant of general manager of Guangdong Baal group, head of department of strategy of Baal group CI, baal advertisement transmits head of department of table of limited company article. I had worked 5 years in Baal group, be in an enterprise the most brilliant period, a very short time and colleague of firm of Baal market promotion work side-by-side. The industry is tasted in health care, we once as round as flying Long Ji it is mart competitor. Accordingly, the business management that I think to I taste an industry to health care and market are popularized or have a bit right to speak. And come nearly one many year, I hold the post of general manager of a company of Beijing, I am summed up ceaselessly on client body and learn experience. Genuine hope and Chinese entrepreneur together, common compare notes and communication business management, market extends the gain and loss of success or failure of the respect, mark reforming and opening 20 years!
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