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[big theorem of Zhong Shi CI8] natural aesthetic is theorematic

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I discovered an aesthetic is theorematic. Although use " discovery " become aware quite when one word terrified, but I still should use it, till discovery points out somebody,this is not me " discover " till. Come how many years, I have all the time similar action and conceited.
My discovery is in 80 time initial stage. The paper is published in " scientific spring " magazine 1984 4 period, the problem is " the gem of esthetician of ─ of natural rule ─ and artist " . After ten years, encounter this print original owner makes up Mr Lianglie, his straight on the head asks: "Still study in what do you? " I say, go into business. Disappointment and regretful write on bridge gentleman face. "That is very significant research! " he says. I feel I made serious mistake. Essayist of Guangdong famous painting Mr Yang Xiaoyan, resource carries watchful, in those days very the card bogus creed of Er of general of praise highly wave, I never wish to talk about an one's proper business before him, every I say " Yes " thing, meet with namely acrimony satirize, express admiration to my paper unexpectedly that time, I up to now be extremely puzzled. Small perhaps a man of virtual and ability the gentleman says " Yes " , be cannot " card bogus " , is dispute scientific? Because of Bopuer think this mortal world is scientific all but " card bogus " , outside dividing religion and metaphysics. Nevertheless assistant dean of college of astral sea music Professor Cai Songqi gave me to was encouraged, tell me before New Year more, my paper cited in his monograph in oneself.
This age old debts does not want to break up formerly, because some day is SYBASE of company of world-renowned database software to advertise, see SYBASE spiral abruptly model company symbol and brand, pursue with what what make in the paper I am ten years ago just the same. My feeling is: Astonish! My absolutely cannot think of, the many aesthetic research year ago is mixed with the CI before unexpectedly the coincidence with so perfect advertisement!

To the best of my belief, aesthetic is the science of CI, CI is aesthetic technology. The mark of SYBASE, prove this racily again.

Strictly speaking, my beautiful home law is a number and form of its spiral expression. I name for natural rule. This number is E, namely by natural logarithmic, its value is 2.71828... the person of twilight maths knows it. But aesthetic in the past bound never the person takes seriously.

20 centuries at the beginning of 80 time, chinese sweep an all-time aesthetic is hot. The culture with more baronial dimensions of almost all later be involved in heats up aesthetic investigator. Aesthetic heat is belonged to mostly make up a missed lesson property, and energy is put in metaphysics completely almost, my paper is published on popular science journal, very ordinary. In aesthetic heat wave most a pair of star that fix eyes upon are Li Zehou and Zhu Guangqian, their controversy from begin before Culture Revolution, interrupt during Culture Revolution, after Culture Revolution by bring up again. Lize becomes famous thickly of profit from and Zhu Guangqian " learning " controversy, like challenging Coke Cola as 100 things coke. I feel Lize is thick " get the better of in " ideological strong, accordingly I more esteem bright red old gentleman. But, as " hind generation aesthetic investigator " , I do not want to weigh skip differentiate Qing Dynasty " the United States is subjective after all objective still " Fu alwayses, I think that is philosophical problem, gu Xila does not have final conclusion up to now, the controversy can become famous, the result won't have to aesthetic however how old contribution.
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