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"The whole world is the most valuable brand " TOP 100 gives heat (add list)

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On August 5 " commercial weekly publication " publish Interbrand " the brand with the most valuable whole world " year ranks a report. Although be opposite the year's harvest is flat for a lot of companies, still have a few brands outstanding and exceptional. In addition notable is, although Chinese country economy is vibrant, export trade momentum is powerful, but enter this rank without one China brand. 6 Asias brand ranks front row: Feng Tian, suo Ni, this cropland, ren Tiantang, below SamSung and pine. Be in numerous in electron of the telecommunication that is in predicament, consumption and semiconductor brand, samSung (#34) obtained the of 30% brand value like star to grow, raise the 8.3 billion dollar 2002 by the 6.4 billion dollar 2001. Meanwhile, brand of its competition telecommunication Nuojiya (#6) He Aili is believed (#71) , drop respectively 14% with 49% ; The brand value of AT&T (#17) falls 30% , before was being squeezed to go out 10.
According to report of sina finance and economics, technology kind in the brand, dai Er (#31) eminent and not group, brand value increases 12% . And its adversary Kang Bai in PC business (#27) drops 21% . German SAP (#42) is the supplier of other technology solution that only brand value increases, amplitude is 7% .

Although be in a domain to be in winter, the outstanding achievement that a few brands score a success in dangerous situation is worth while and thoughtful. Interbrand carries out president Chuck Brymer to express, "In the class that by poor dissimilation degree very minor brand comprises, samSung is communicated through buckling brand core outstanding products plan, closely to have effective client and score a success. And Dai Er, put client service in the first place from beginning to end, and will perforative from beginning to end. Their business affairs model also is design of this one characteristic only. Their business affairs model also is design of this one characteristic only..

"Although advertisement is mixed,the defray of sale decreased one year somewhat in the past, we discover those to be the first tenet in order to consider object check, and the growth that the brand that begins professional work around this one tenet gained brand value " , " commercial weekly publication " subeditor Gerry Khermouch. Say, "Astral Buck (#93) grows 12% this year, it is the classic example that experiences the client capitalization. On the other hand, ford (negotiable securities of #11) He Meilin (#25) dropped respectively 32% with 25% , this just is deviate " client center " two of the concept.

Coke Cola held a rank the first, obtain the growth of 1% even, prove to consumed a brand to still hold his position after experience business fails again. Same, ni Wei Ya (#91) also shows driving tendency, brand value increases 16% , rank add fast the 2nd. Enter the Katepile that ranks a list newly, debut is ranked 79. The brand that card spy skin strapped Ni Wei Yahe 2001 is patulous in gain very great success, ministry of hand of overweight of Ni Wei Yazhu and body protect skin kind of the product outspread; And what Katepile passes a success is concessionary manage to new product the domain expands, achieved the growth of brand value.
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