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[big theorem of Zhong Shi CI8] long Cheng is orderly and theorematic -- hold <>

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On January 1, 1999, orgnaization of a supranational will be born formally, its Identity mark is euro.

·Product base changes theorem this is October revolution since, 20 centuries mankind's most important collective test. What what differ is, before one times people uses violent means, this people adopts the delibrate, peace measure that talk things over and polls democratically; Before one, conqueror exported revolution, but after all revolution begins to undertake in a country, this, undertake at the same time in many countries, consistent annals should affect the whole world. With the October revolution that political means begins, created a whole planned economy system finally; And the euro that is born with economic kind, be sure to affect control global politics even. This is compose of historic a lunar month of 30 days, to the best of my belief the world brings about tremendous conflict and oscillation because of this necessarily!
Europe is occurrent a profound economic revolution. Once upon a time we too coma. American begins to also be paid no attention to. At the outset everybody thinks a few economist of European and politician people in sportive, cancel national boundaries to unite Europe with kind of a kind of economy, than " utopian socialism " ideal still. Unexpectedly the thing undertakes so smoothly, euro is about very quickly to be born, a major event that cannot avoid or accident are about to happen in our at present, in the night before last of this 21 centuries.

European center creed already by European oneself are approved batch smelly, development theory also cheats be ashamed in Asian banking crisis, but this is mixed without cover check Europe wants to grow the pace that becomes world center again. Contrary, those who adopt pair of European center principle is critically, people remembered more clearly " Europe " the general concept of figure of country of this clear up. Is the Marxism of the system that turn over Europe to be in what Europe is born? Final socialism comes true in the place that is far from European center however, serve as a mirror conversely, your Europe perfects the capitalist system of oneself ceaselessly, make welfare system returns socialism than socialism eventually.

Since literary art revives, europe is thought factory of the whole world all the time. The product of this factory throws the use of global limits every time, roily the politics that the world changed the whole world, military affairs and economic structure. The production of the thought is not terrible, terrible is the extensive real operation of the thought. The unifinication mind that cancels national border this makes already formally, be in Europe to use above all, world situation will how evolution, should cause high attention. People does not forget, marx is from research commodity begins in those days, via argumentation of 40 years, final ability establishs a whole theory that overturns capitalist system. This economist, politician people set out from economic cost and area competition, build the European capital market with unified compose, preparative time is too short, its politics consequence will be very serious.
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