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[big theorem of Zhong Shi CI8] gentleman and Lilliputian theorem

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The top boundary of modern business management is " with factitious center " , japan and there are a lot of introductions in Euramerican book teaching a course, but it is difficult to say to be done easily, confront Chinese company, repeat what the book says fails necessarily. "Be a center with the person " should make clear Hunan above all with what factitious center? Contemporary person appears more be used to using western management to take a fancy to compatriots theoretically, be like in the operation is really do, the likelihood can not succeed certainly. So from management angle looks, how does Chinese culture take a fancy to compatriots.

Culture of Chinese ancient time is person cent 369 etc, of different person with different method engineering. A book is called " moralistic administrative argument " , write first-rately, have me for some time to often be put beside. This book plants person cent: Unripe civilian, celestial being of Lilliputian, gentleman, sage, person, ground celestial being, a beauty. 7 kinds of people way management. Because person celestial being, ground celestial being, a beauty has exceeded the person's category, do not discuss here. We discuss only unripe civilian, the management of Lilliputian, gentleman square, the sage cannot manage, can discuss only.

1, unripe civilian run way.

Unripe civilian it is to leave village: "Ancient person civilian do not know the dress... of reason life say: Know to be born civilian. " it is the mankind evolution of world of firm driven content is not long, with the animal about the same, know to live only, say to make a living so civilian, show they do not have how many culture, have 4 kinds of instinct of the animal basically only: Feed, gender, bottle, happy. To this kind of person, use " arms treat " , namely with cruel make cruel. Western colonist past treats colony with this legally constituted authority namely. Discover later, between culture of world each nation nonexistent advanced with backward cent, western civilization is not the foremost end at evolution. As the world tide that national independence and nation liberate, this law already invalidation. Latin America somebody is organizing the activity of charge Columbus actively, this organization thinks, since Columbus since discovering the New World-the Americas, average every familial 170 much people are sufferred slaughter, dollar of a huge sum of their seek redress. Apparent we cannot look stuff unripe civilian, use next " arms treat " method engineering. But in actual society, still some of enterprise inspects employee to make a living civilian, basically be person of stage Hongkong's trader the treatment company in mainland initiate. Mine of a few the gravelstone field that runs illegally, small gold, still use blacksnake formula " arms treat " management. ,

2, the administrative pattern of Lilliputian.

Confucius says: "Lilliputian, fan Xu also. " why is Fan Xu delimited the limits of Lilliputian? Because Fan Xu should learn production of agriculture of technical ─ ─ to Confucius. Chinese ancient time will master those who manufacture a technology to regard a mean person. Press present view, lilliputian is to have quite literacy rate and the person that have major or has technical capacity. As a result of Lilliputian " know " , " can " finite, their affection, thought, volition also in the domain with bureau current be confined to. What they pay attention to current life is stable, do not wish to be encroached, also do not encroach others casually. The heart is small, recreant, the desire is not quite tall also. But for the expedience before, also dally with constantly some small con, still be negligible after all. Govern Lilliputian use, namely " rule by law " .
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