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[big theorem of Zhong Shi CI8] product base changes theorem

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The revolution of IT, let us favour witnesses numerous and high product to reduce " cheap goods " , the mobile phone is a kind.

Circulate recently a jest, shenzhen someone goes rubbish, discover those who select junk to using mobile phone and companion contact abruptly: "Come quickly, I this has a lot of rubbish! I this has a lot of rubbish!!
As beg side, choose the tattered organization that also has oneself, they lie between city district agglomerate, divide and rule. Choosing rubbish is the society is the most degrading " type of work " one of, not be poverty however " profession " . If tattered king connects the progress that believes a medium,can show a mobile phone only " cheap " , inadequacy proves the word of mobile phone petty gain, so I am with my information exemple. One day I stroll in Beijing street, hear mobile phone sound suddenly, one wagoner roadside of board car berth, draw out skill machine and the other side to connect a word to come. My astounded: Does the mobile phone have high figure no longer today? !

Wang Shouzhi of famous 1995 industrial design egghead goes back to the motherland discourse on an academic subject, he says to see on the train somebody uses a mobile phone, what be afraid that the other side does not know to deliver friendship greatly is a high tool, tell each other aloud: "I talk with you with the mobile phone now! Know? " the impetuous news that made time of one end length to whole railroad car. Wang Shouzhi shines a piece of slide show, content is the advertisement of business of American mobile phone, there are a lot of fund types above, marking a price is 2 yuan! He says American businessman gives an user the mobile phone actually, what they should earn is a telephone bill merely. Whether does the market of Chinese mobile phone that depreciates ceaselessly also have this one day?
A brand depreciates ceaselessly, people of inevitable clear up is loving to it, because of this real market sale expert total meeting is in depreciate sales promotion while, or later, output many advertisement to play litre of brand image, not be to appeal to try its quality, it is to appeal to beg its to serve. Undertake depreciating ceaselessly when brand of all mobile phone when, so, no matter how does each brand business play the image that promotes his, mobile phone this one " general " inevitable also cheap changes product image.

Apparent, in the management field that those science and technology develop at full speed, brand image is not equal to product figure. Any specific products are brief life, and the brand ought to go after perpetuation. The only way of high-tech brand perpetuation is ceaseless creation the product of newer, taller function, let people pursue style endlessly, make them live in the magnificent dream that high-tech weaves forever. Civilian of a product was changed, the brand of the enterprise is absolutely cannot civilian is changed. Real expert always can be in before product civilian is changed, roll out brand-new, the aristocratic product of too high to reach will pull litre of brand. The brand can degenerate together anything but with the product, perish together.
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