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[big theorem of Zhong Shi CI8] market revolution is theorematic

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Market revolution and social revolution have breathtaking consistency in formally. This is the deep experience that I work for years. The title is real too big, perhaps I am not done for a whole life. Hope everybody is cast with go ideological element, discuss among them mystery from the angle of the product only.

The feature with social the mainest revolution is extensive mass campaign. Market revolution also is such. A kind of product, if suit a small number of people only,be being used cannot cause market revolution. The product that heads market revolution must be the product of in a popular style. Taste the market to be with health care exemple. Before fluid of Baal profess to convinced is born, had had royal jelly, but royal jelly did not cause market revolution. Investigate its reason has 2: It is royal jelly when asking, great numerous life still lies relatively low level; 2 it is royal jelly belongs to tonic, suit the small number of people such as old person and weakling to use, otherwise after people living standard rises, royal jelly is due qualificatory leadership health care tastes market revolution. In fact, those who lead health care to taste market revolution is Baal and is not royal jelly. Although Baal begins to lose wind colour, but the outstanding achievement that its once led market revolution nots allow to obliterate. The product that Baal causes market revolution is biology key, this is a kind of product that faces all consumer almost. Live in the society a certain enough long time, if the whole people buys a kind of product, market revolution can break out. Baal biology key was accomplished.

In market of computer of current season China, the product that heads market revolution will be family expenses computer, is not business uses computer or professional computer. Review the progress of world computer technology, the large computer of IBM did not cause market revolution, and malic computer is good at professional design anyhow, did not cause market revolution likewise, have true general only collect the personal computer that the masses can use (after multimedia PC) comes out, the revolution of computer market just comes truly. Beijing annulus star (TIKO) company knows well greatly among them secret, when they are popularizing him computer to feel a product, used a very wonderful advertisement language: "Arrive from clavier mouse, went to the lavatory large quantities of one people; Arrive from the mouse feeling, went to the lavatory all people! " this company believes feel computer come out, the true advent of age of computer of adumbrative the whole people. Business operator has the penetration such as this, outstanding achievement nature is uncommon.

We discover surprisingly, of market revolution eruptive undertake completely from two opposite way sometimes. One is the elite market from high-tech begins. For instance computer, it is a kind of enigmatic thing at first, only few number has sufferred the talent of professional training to know an operation to use, later gradually in a popular style causes market revolution. Another is direct set out from public marketplace, cause market revolution with breathtaking speed and dimensions, the health care that for instance Baal leads tastes market revolution. What get an attention continuously is, the problem that market revolution and social revolution encounter has a bit very similar, it is namely " revolution is successful " later how to undertake building. When be being initiated with masses product at the beginning when market revolution, specializationed fractionize market construction can come very quickly, in fact, after Baal has his moment, fluid of madam profess to convinced, delay the fractionize product such as the unripe fluid that protect treasure rapid follow at sb' heels and come, market of an occupational woman, market of another attack old person, all had obtained good outstanding achievement. Of course, no matter market revolution is " arrive from the masses professional " , or " arrive from major the masses " , must the whole people changes head market revolution product. This is the basic theorem of market revolution.
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