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[big theorem of Zhong Shi CI8] market terminal is theorematic

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Where is the terminal of the market? Go up some via paying attention to in Baal group, I once raised this question, the result draws a be laughing and playing: Come to an enterprise emphasize active market terminal all the time for years, where don't you know terminal to be in actually?

Is market terminal in the extreme of sale channel?

The answer is not so plain absolutely. Terminal problem shows human nature is essential continuously. We might as well abandon temporarily traditional ethics footing, look from sale perspective: Is people yearning what kind of happiness lives? Perhaps say, how do product and service satisfy human nature? Without giving thought to aperture master how look upon person, undertake fluoroscopy from sale footing: The person is honest not quite tasteful! I discover surprisingly, the research and development of almost all product (R&D) it is for convenient mankind. Actually of the product " no-go " , "Mistake " do not be in product itself, however because human nature is too lazy. Be in just about this one footing, I comprehend: "Lazy " it is human science and technology development is even " civilized " the motive power with the mainest progress.
Regard market sale as professional, when extending a kind of new product every time, total meeting examines minutely, what does this thing have to use? Before this product comes out, the life of people, job how disadvantageous? If the client says not to come out, we tell him ruthlessly: "This plays meaning do not have the market! "This plays meaning do not have the market!!

Where is the market?

The economic expert of the whole world says today, the market is in China. After weathering Asian economy crisis one round, china remains the market with one huge part. This is a kind of very general concept nevertheless, real market popularizes personnel won't satisfactory. Is the market in Hua Dong or Guangdong? In northwest or northeast? In manufacturing industry or service line of business? Apparent, of district and industry differentiate, must consider in unit process of cargo bandling, but the right place that is market demand anything but. The market that cannot satisfy forever is in human heart! Lazy, enjoyment, as much as one likes, greedy, selfishness is the source of the requirement with the most primary market. Although come for years, we are emphasizing active market terminal all the time, can you be terminal is in? Is terminal in channel most extreme? In small vendor's stand of large department store or street? Wrong, true terminal is to be in the heart of people! The extreme of channel is a place that is close to popular feeling probably, but not be popular feeling itself. Popular feeling place to, the market is in! Accordingly, every can be changed directly or affect the tool of people volition and be fond of and place, OK and similar ground regards as market terminal. Media is a kind namely. This is to know perfectly well half advertisement defray may be wasted, and the reason that the businessman still should advertise. Channel policy, SP activity, advertisement output, finally is for active will of people this terminal.
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