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[big theorem of Zhong Shi CI8] company image administrative levels is theoremati

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Say paragraph of jest first. Some university comes to northeast suddenly one day case, say my paper is reprinted by domestic authoritative publication, be about to know a detail, the address in pressing case please sends × × yuan come. My exceedingly feels puzzled, because pledge has delivered before him go into business: 3 years in do not publish any articles. Intellectual, especially humanitarian intellectual's biggest mistake harangues namely, without giving thought to fact how, before using a kind, decide or the concept that comes from book and standard go criticizing everything. I am determined the foremost edge of reforming and opening, sincere ground receives the reeducate of market economy, do not publish an article 3 years. We must have the operation first, go again next thought. I see the Qianbuduo that the other side wants, stem from curious exactly the amount to send. Have a case before long, it is me so the speech draft that attends academic seminar was published by the reporter, hind be reprinted by the journal of center of data of people university books and newspaper. Reply gives off new bait again, if pay × × × again,say yuan, your work can enroll " achievement of Chinese science and technology makes over an encyclopedia " . The thought resource that sums up via practice is precious, but I do not want to be made over as patent. core here the thought is made public, do not receive a single cent or penny.
This is the administrative levels theory of image of a kind of company. According to my actual combat experience, the figure of industry group ought to divide an administrative levels: Highest administrative levels is enterprise whole figure, enterprise major figure is among, lower level is company product or brand image, its structure resembles pyramid. This is theorem of my company image administrative levels. The CI battle that differs because of using as a result of brand image and product figure is behaved instead like that absolutely somewhat, common suffer numerous and even a few accurate adman are in when viewing and admire advertisement, basically cannot distinguish 3 afore-mentioned administrative levels. The expert of veteran although the heart knows abdomen bright, however not easily outside pass.

The integral figure of the enterprise cannot displace the brand image of the product simply absolutely. A high-tech adviser of Baal been lookinging us to take the TV image ad that make " wake lion piece " hind criticism says: After looking, I feel open the zoo or sun God sells an animal. This expert still is card with lying between the feeling of adjacent children. Press this analogize, of IBM " elephant piece " it is to tell a reader: Company of this high-tech computer traffics the animal that is close to eradicating publicly. Not be everybody fortunately so muddleheaded, the TV image advertisement of Baal " wake lion piece " be judged to be a flower cup public large award, a TV station comes to South Korea technically interview Baal, and will " wake lion piece " as this TV special subject piece " the Asia woke " titles. In those days our collective is created " wake lion piece " when, inspiration comes from that word of Napoleon: China is the male lion of a sleep deeply, one but sleep lightly shock world. This is a commonweal appeals to the ad that seek.
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