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Area, whether or how to make a brand?

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Zhong Jianfu notes: June 2002, edition of brand of ovine wall evening paper edits Zhang Haibo to concern the issue of area brand to the inquiry through the phone, everybody agrees the means that uses Internet undertakes conversation by writing later, the circumstance of our conversation by writing is namely below.

Zhang Haibo: A kind of high quality ink-slab made in Duanxi, rice paper, a kind of spirit distilled in Fenyang, serve as the specific name of a brand with the area, it seems that ancient already had. The history forms before, nevertheless many places are in however now brand of enthusiastic tree district. How to limit this kind of brand that names with area name? This has a brand strategy problem, can engineer ahead of schedule, fixed position, start shooting is famous degree. Na Zhuangtao is porcelain, for instance ancient dress of door of underwear of pace of town lamps and lanterns, salt, tiger, the brand name photograph of name of this kind of brand and specific manufacturer is compared, it is father brand and child the relation of the brand, how is the brand that name of this kind of area names formed, chinese national condition is, local government amid had main effect, is such good doing still bad?
  Zhong Jianfu: This topic is first-rate. The brand that names with Netherlands word now really many, one kind is an enterprise all, for instance " Pearl River beer " ; Another kind is local government all, for instance " look sound " , past is to arrange De Rongji to press down all. A kind of high quality ink-slab made in Duanxi, rice paper, a kind of spirit distilled in Fenyang, look from brand strategy angle, not be a brand. Say a kind of high quality ink-slab made in Duanxi, be Zhao Qing area whose brand? Understand according to me, both neither is local government, also not be local enterprise. Did not register, do not have the person that have somewhat, not be a brand. Hear place name cannot register finished product card now, but a lot of areas will still oneself push enlarge when work card, this deserves attention.

What relation is the company brand inside region image and area? Look in me, the argument that uses brand of father and son is improper. Above all, area whether registering finished product card had been a problem, next, component of the company inside area is very complex, have the company of foreign capital, joint-stock, state-owned, civilian battalion and collective different form, their brand droit is relatively independent.

Of course, area competition is very intense now, a lot of district governments realise, want to win victory in competition, must have in a certain industry compare a dominant position. Light has an advantage to be no good, still must allow an advantage " the brand is changed " , ground of do sth on a large scale is popularized, your outside is common self-identity. The result used the promotion means of similar brand strategy almost. The first namely " identify " : Make area advantage very easy identify, dress of door of underwear of pace of lamps and lanterns of the Na Zhuangtao porcelain that you say, ancient town, salt, tiger, this kind of view is area of one cultivate land " industry identifying " . The 2nd it is self-identity: Actually " identify " -- Identity, in CI strategy and brand strategy, cry again " the identity " , also cry " self-identity " , neither one word is returned to follow it in Chinese complete correspondence. Someone says, self-identity is extraordinary. If the industry of an area and others are identical, cannot identify, no matter how are you popularized, final also be to cannot let a person agree with. Of course, light energy identifying, the brand that cannot agree with however also is some, sanitarian brand of China faces this kind of condition at present. From the plan promotion looks, should make the brand can identify already in some period of time can agree with again, not difficult, difficult is last for a long time what carry a brand self-identity.
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