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Extensive inferior garden, joy is regnal

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Yunnan element has " of pink clouds south, 10 thousand green ancestor " say. Such fixed position, what can show Yunnan really is beautiful, of Yunnan green, also made certain contribution to the development of the tourism of Yunnan really. But in light of the angle from development, this kind of fixed position cannot continue assume original responsibility quite however. " green " word, no matter be as other as home province,compare with a few cities of the Asia, can seeing both neither of this one characteristic is " the first " , not be " exclusive " , at the same time also but cannot completely effective, the particular characteristic that exact form reveals Yunnan and opposite competition advantage. How can just gain core competition ability, assure to be able to develop continuously, analytic Yunnan saves the integrated value of each respect, we advocate the pillar industry that serves as Yunnan with tourism undertakes developing planning, yunnan new fixed position is " extensive inferior garden, happy kingdom " .
The fixed position of province or city has needed to notice particularly at 2 o'clock: It is the feasibility condition according to oneself and development foreground, decide oneself resource advantage; Whether can the fixed position that considers oneself again be social community self-identity.

The first part floats inferior garden

Save Yunnan " overall situation a dish of chess " have integrated consideration, regard as a brand has operation, if consider from climate, favourable geographical position, person and 3 kinds of elements, can be Yunnan fixed position " extensive inferior garden " .
One, climate piece
(one) the policy side with good profit
Of province city of China exceed convention constant fast development, with policy closely related. Apply the lever principle of policy, make full use of ranking policy and the policy that make oneself ably, often be the crucial seat that gains breach. According to policy, fortune principle, political job is the lifeline that all economy work, so whether capture policy good luck to be weighed particularly should, good luck of two when Yunnan is faced with currently main histories:
1, country---East the work up of alliance free-trade area;
2, country western big development.
(2) substantial travel natural resources
1, distinctive climate and situation make the characteristic that travel resource has uniqueness and diversity to coexist
Of source of Yunnan brigade idle fund rich in the whole nation and even Asia peerless, the diversity world of landscape is infrequent. The stereo climate of differ in thousands ways is the travel resource of Yunnan rare, also spent holiday travel to create good condition to develop sightseeing, on perpendicular direction Yunnan condenses an assemble almost go up to Heilongjiang China earth from Hainan island all climate type and scenery landscape even landscape of of all kinds landforms. Look from situation, yunnan is located in 3 earths to pledge construction ties place unitly, be linked together with Qinghai-Tibet Platean again, relief difference is vast, geological construction is very complex, formed sort very rich move, plant landscape. Yunnan is China and world's main species gene library: Plant sort whole nation is most, among them the 63 % that advanced plant sort holds countrywide sum total, first what visit an area for each; Gardens plant sort resides countrywide coronal. Animal sort shows thing of north and south to hand in the peculiar landscape that collect, vertebrate sort resides the whole nation the first, 58 what hold countrywide sum total. 9 % , 79 kinds of animals are labelled country one, animal of 2 kinds of protection. Flowers sort is in countrywide the first of all, and many flowers floral origin all are in with distributinging center Yunnan. The geological phenomenon of a variety of bizarre typical cases, rich mineral products bed, dangerous shoal of much summit bluff, race and burrow can offer ascend, float expeditionary. Numerous highland is laky provided beautiful room for aquatic sports. Amount and the mineral spring with diversiform breed can offer recuperate of person idle ease. Cereal grows the say angry Jiang Daxia that element has " of " east big gorge 310 kilometers, average deepness 2000 meters, bigger than American division Luo La gorge is even deep, for world-renowned big gorge. Be located in India and Eurasia two big board piece the Teng Chong of the brim is volcanic group of types are all ready, dimensions is baronial, save complete, distributinging concentration, first what reside the whole nation. On the region of altitude 76.4~6740 rice, the geology of tremendous perpendicular mutation is tectonic, sum special situation, have selva view already, have snow region and prairie view again, still have the snow mountain glacier of lowest of latitude of the Northern Hemisphere, and 3 rivers shed the stone forest of magnificent Zhuang Wei and " " is the world more on unique.
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