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King is pitted of scissors caution old name downfallen

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" times of finance and economics " the special interview alls alone Rice management seeks advice from presiding and advisory Mr Li Hailong

  Will tell from what the supermarket competes, its most the door inn that the competition of core wins a face to who see namely can attract client patronage most, so the business of this door inn is met all the more is prosperous. How can you just make force of oneself core market settle or live in a strange place gets buildup after all? Long-term since the management of a lot of supermarkets person considering this issue ceaselessly.

Administrative expert thinks, king is pitted the be on the wane of scissors, it is the influence of the administrative interpose method with impertinent government on one hand; On the other hand, the superior move of old name also let an enterprise move toward failure

"There is Zhang Xiaoquan south, north has Wang Ma child " -- only then achieve treat 8 years at Qing Chaoshun (1651) king is pitted scissors, already had 352 years of histories up to now, in Chinese widely known, hold the knife of one to cut market share for a time, become a knife to cut the pronoun of course of study even. But last year, king is pitted indebted rate obtains the capital fund of scissors factory 216. 6 % , must put forward to go bankrupt application, be what reason lets a such hundred years brand take step of this cultivate land?

Be on the wane

" times of finance and economics " the king that the reporter was located in Beijing prosperous to make the same score Sha He to press down recently is pitted scissors factory, a big dog is basking lazily in factory doorway languid, the person in plant area is not much, show a few minutes of desolate. The dweller is told to the reporter near plant area, this factory already stop production 3 years two.

According to king of Beijing oak prosperous Bai Xiqian of limited company president introduces pitted labour trade, pitted scissors factory established this current king 1959. 1985, be maintained to be by department of the trade inside the country " China old name " enterprise, "A month when the business is the most prosperous can sell 400 thousand 70 thousand kitchen knife, shears " , the product sells as far as to HongKong and Macow and southeast Asia area for a time.

From last centuries 90 time begins decline, the country cancelled the protectionism to small commodities at that time, the product produces a sale to begin to be commercialized in the round, the equipment when this factory builds a plant is serious already ageing, just did in the respect such as craft, equipment a few transform, change feebly new facility.

Can solve worker pay at that time pretty good, do not talk to go up at all innovation of product innovation, technology, in new technology and stainless steel domain, king is pitted at the back of fall in a few person of the same trades. Meanwhile, and other places of Guangdong in relief river appeared hundreds knife cuts a factory, depend on its low price, rich variety, advanced technology, grab king is pitted many market share.
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