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How to build individual brand

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This times, be pounded the biggest, it is office worker.
Office worker led the working way that thinks the working honor that be proud, Lai Yisheng is put in the past, was out of order now, and individual work life is far more macrobian than the enterprise, again also cannot forever stay at same below eave. How should do?
You still sit on the seat, turning over caricature, complain sigh is oneself center dejected? Be inferior to hitting out actively.
Below will with actual, simple way, listed 10 establish the method of individual brand, make you banner in prospective competition. These methods teach us how to imagine his into a brand, how to create unique market fixed position, how to foster additional value.   
Begin from now, make arduous efforts for the individual brand that cannot replace to build oneself.  
One. Individual brand? "Who am I " , " my ideal "
Individual brand is actual, commercial idea. Although it broke a flight of stairs that organized in the past and limitation, look be like let the job become free, but the value that also emphasizes the job more.  
Individual brand needs worker to think euqally like brand handler: What do you want to become? What do you want to represent? Is your job valuable? Are you valuable?  
As a child, you had been written certainly " my ideal " . But, the portfolio on the back, after changing Western-style clothes, when had you still considered this issue? Look for a few friends to talk about his ideal together, disentomb in the heart enough " cruel " the job, want: Who am I? Who am I?
2, individual brand? The safeguard of new job
Individual brand is working safeguard of future. Nevertheless, unlike the past, the safeguard that it provides is not lifelong employ, unemployment benefit. The key of individual brand is individual technical ability, emphasize wanting to have the technology that has vendibility, have the distinguishing feature that makes a person impressive, and still have the public praise that circulates ceaselessly. This looks resembling a bit is older working safeguard, resemble archaic craftsman, meticulous to oneself working requirement, the quality that relies on him product completely and have live value.  
3. Individual brand? Ability value and fixed position
The individual tastes the value of the card, it is the value of your ability. You are OK from these a few problems, will assess oneself brand value: You with which a few things famed? In which a few respects does the project that you participate in at present have challenge sex? Did you learn 3 months in the past what? Your personal details watch this year and last year have why to differ?
And, the brand should have clear fixed position.
Try to think: Who are you? What do you represent? You how extraordinary? And draw up with 8 words your individual locates. If 8 words do not say, that is too ambiguous, be equal to without fixed position.
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