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Make a profession " individual brand "

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Current period, the career of a person already from do, portion job, pursuit a profession, hair
Exhibit should build individual brand. How to sit firmly in the agitation that dismiss a person Diaoyutai? In how working
Show itself? The answer is: Build individual brand.
Individual brand has a few features: The first, the mainest feature is quality safeguard. It is on one hand
The high quality on individual business technical ability; It is bearing quality on the other hand. The 2nd, pay attention to endurance
With dependability. Built individual brand, making work manner and working ability with respect to what show you is to have protect
Of card. The 3rd, individual brand is not self-given, however by everybody accepted. The 4th, individual
Once form brand hind, the job is met get twice the result with half the effort.
Build individual brand, should undertake above all " the brand locates " . Big company creates the mark of the brand
Standard method is " characteristic -- interest " mode, this method can be applied likewise in individual brand
build. Your characteristic -- what is profit pattern? Stronger working skill is a bearing
The core content of the card. Profound professional skill is the important element that individual brand builds. "Individual
Only only essence of life, ability lives, otherwise others selects dreamy group team member, won't think of you. " those
De Dulake goes out in newest composing middle finger: Now the life of individual special skill, than the birthday of the enterprise
The life is long. How to form the style of oneself skill and job a characteristic, have cannot replace
value, it is the linchpin that builds individual brand.
And building individual brand is a long-term course, want to learn new knowledge ceaselessly. Learning
On, the mistake that average person often makes is to follow suit learn, the knowledge that also learns without giving thought to has to him profession
Did not use. Want to build individual brand, be about to learn those useful to him profession knowledge, not
Should learn a few use possibly henceforth go up not to use the thing that go up possibly also.
Finally, learn to pack oneself even. "One's pupils or disciples not character, footpath is become oneself below " the idea is not
Benefit is tasted at establishing an individual of the card. Pack even if want to show the individual character of the brand. What is successful package
Outfit? Those who resemble commodity like packing, pack the place that has applicable to both or all charmingly, that is life
Force, clear, accredit, dazzling, amiable. But want to notice, pack overly can be just the opposite to what one wished,
Advocate also should have mastered degree.
Cut down the member of persons employed to cannot be afraid of, terrible is he is not have too much the thing that allows a person to remember. Working
The time with frequent commutation, you attribute an a company, position impossibly forever, you are not
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