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Establish pattern of individual brand overspeed

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The trademark that a product wants to build his is well-known degree, the brand that promotes oneself, beautiful praise spend what ability wins customer to dote on, doughty competition ability is had in intense market competition. Manage together, as the person likewise such, establish taller society famous spend and beautiful praise degree, can make you are doing poineering work, on the way that starts line of business downwind downstream, get the result of get twice the result with half the effort. All these, need builds individual brand, let everybody know you, pay close attention to you, attract public eyeball, so, they are your fortune.

After the individual brand image of the Gates of the • that compare Er of Microsoft transmits elaborate scheme of the architect and design through company brand; Apply a variety of transmission channel and method to roll out, bill • Gates depicts the commercial wonder that gives a boy into a hero. Make the legend character in world people memory and image.

And the Bao Ermo of president Steve • of Microsoft gives a person a kind of act spell able, execute the law decision-making and strict and impartial, decisive and not angry from power figure, people inspects him to be the character) with the very crucial Very Key Man (of Microsoft. Be in annual for a time on congress of Microsoft world sale, the salesperson assemble of thousands of Microsoft that comes from a whole world is together, be in at this moment, gates of the • that compare Er and Steve • Bao Ermo can appear in the assembly room, the incendiary home of two figure talent publishs an address euqally, of the spot should lift roof ardently almost. Their individual brand image of two people supplements each other, hand in photograph reflect with the brand of the enterprise.

The father manage of dimension precious company checks Lan Sen of heart • cloth is the example character that image of brand of industry leader individual is established and transmits more. Cong Weizhen company begins from the small office build up like a booth in those days, bulansen begins to apply all sorts of originality distinctive, the medium that has some of exceed what is proper even will transmit his individual and the brand image of dimension precious company. Sexual handgun philharmonic society is made an appointment with in controversy and risk be the lucky number; Crossing of the balloon that draw heat is Atlantic, break the world record of crossing Atlantic; The plane that dimension precious group sends during thalassic war is urgent fly to Iraq to receive send England hostage; Opening tank to parade on royal road; The head of the exasperate Ying Hang of unbridled; The horrible sweater that wearing dirty, slovenly appears in " peaceful interview person " of the newspaper in the front article of the front page. . In that politic home is the times of king in, people says he is an opportunist, it is meeting exploit an advantage only, made fun of petty trick, try to please the public with claptrap to stop, but the fact is surpassed Demosthenic, bulansen succeeded, people call him illegibly adventurer cloth Lan Sen, saucebox cloth Lan Sen; The force of dimension precious group is larger and larger also, business flourishing.
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