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If why handle the market of new old product to concern?

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In headquarters on the market regular meeting by Feburary, type receives Zhang Quanzheng of director of A province agency announcement, brand of a kind of new health food X is about to put his on place market. This is told to just crossing him of birthday of 35 one full year of life, saying with its is an opportunity, be inferior to saying is a challenge.

The A province that has 6000 much population once created L brand health food on the history of the company year the record that has sold 100 million yuan, it is for a time in 20 many provincial markets of countrywide rank the 3rd. But take over before New Year when Zhang Quanyi when, this market year the sale is maintained only in 30 million right-and-left level. According to the price difference policy that headquarters offers, this sales volume is close to saving 11 branches completely for the team of 200 people, namely loath enough base pay and cost of sales. Additional because competition is intense, market whole price difference is narrow, the profit of agency and terminal also attenuates again and again, spend to the faithfulness of the company begin to reduce. So, everybody looks forward to a company to roll out new product at once, good create a market miracle again, let shrivelled pocket beat of a few years. New now product came really, zhang Quan feels however and did not estimate so hopefully before.

Above all, the target of new product consumes group of as existing as the company products disparate (the market cost that headquarters provides two kinds of products clearly also should part strictly) . Market perception of Zhang Quan tells him, this market environment is not to had sold the those market environment of 100 million in those days any more, x brand creates the historical record that gives L brand very hard again.

Next, the market policy as a result of X brand is apparent excel L brand, continue to use present sale mode to be able to be put in very big question. Sale team is running various agency and terminal directly at present. Sometimes to enlarge sales volume, the salesperson still can undertake selling directly. The conduct propaganda of the ground also relies on these people to do. The market looks do very fully, catch very closely to terminal, but caused a lot of potential hidden trouble actually, for example company and agency undertake recessive price competes, the agency that the company faces directly is mixed terminal

The amount is too much, receivable precipitates in great quantities etc. If use this kind of mode to sell X brand again, can repeat historical question not only, and link present L brand sale probably unwarrantable. Because of agency to cover interest, the meeting sale L brand answers a paragraph to regard as a money of X brand hit (anyway the historical account problem of old product one pile) . This kind of gimmick also meets consist in salesperson go up personally.

Again, x brand uses agency agency system to also be put in the problem. The agency scale that saves because of A is not large, without the ability that radiation saves completely. If rely on these agency to spread money entirely, the market feed rate of that X brand but slow, and brand of very inaccessible also L shows some to cover a range. Additional, agency system is enraged to having sale team taxi also is contusion of a huge, because if do not have new product,will sustain existing sale network, so the network that this each builds is met sooner or later burst, leave one end slow-witted dead account, so new product has not been done, old product also died.
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