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Cosmetic company how " does ego make up " ?

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Final when we view a sale, can analyse pattern of all sorts of be on sale of an enterprise, also can analyse an enterprise to be opposite at the same time market control, operation, culture, current the detail that wait is analysed, looking round is the way that the enterprise discovers to one kind of ego has been compared. Nowadays, the predicament that cosmetic sells is increasing, some say is the market " congenital inadequacy " , some consider as too " outside Cong Yangmei " , no matter be what reason, the difficult position with cosmetic current business has enterprise oneself element to be inside, from theoretic tell, cosmetic is level of spending of a capital, have affinity along with standard of living and educational degree, accordingly, what cosmetic sells is regional more serious, but in light of the point of view that sells from the market, it is the process that a product refines only, did not emphasize area issue too, so where is cosmetic sale confine, when everybody is calling the market to need conformity and standard, whether can answer eye those who receive enterprise interior to manage with management, sale and grow come up, emphasize environmental element too will become acute market is contradictory, the posture that competes each other between the enterprise will more empty is changed, true masked article thought and awareness will be gradually as far as us go.

Predicament: Cosmetic sells target market to be close to ground floor more and more, "Look get, feeling " the problem that is cosmetic need straight aspect, as industry interior ceaseless and perfect, educational sex is consumed will push cosmetic sale to more slashing consciousness to sell, what the market believes is not luxuriant language, however solid action demand, current, mode of cosmetic price, sales promotion gradually comfortable, the market is open also admit, the promotion of education of a complete set of that difficult is original design and figure are revealed lose power, perhaps said to will had the dominant effect of the market, sale suffers serious menace.

False appearance: Cosmetic sells the virtual image that has a prosperity, because,be masked article must be together with beautiful couple, of focusing is float light is full of, so, masked the false phenomenon that tastes li of accumulation is the connotation with itself about, have pack phonily, introduce phonily, specialization phonily, false individuation, false technology is quantified etc, in be full of wander in competition and visional consciousness, should walk out of virtual image so also not simple.

Fixed position: To " fixed position " two words, the possibility that becomes cosmetic is very distinct, have hairdressing, help skin up, reduce weight, appliance, which kind of have the fixed position demand with specific market, so fixed position problem is cosmetic inside most sensitive issue, making professional hairdressing cosmetic is the mining of a kind of latent capacity, also be the result that the target refines, but the problem depends on this fixed position going up, the noun of a lot of enterprise batsman major is in the content with not professional sale, so derivative problem is problem of form a complete set, than helping skin product like, increased a lot of consumer to feel the thing that does not wear in the operation likely, the result is confused.
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