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Talk about the choice of a few kinds of carrier of company culture

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Have an informal discussion with a lot of proprietor of an enterprises is medium recently, speak of company culture, the unanimous report of numerous controller, policymaker is the thing that company culture is entirely imaginary, it is the centre of gravity of an enterprise far from. But become us to speak of coke of Coke Cola and music, 100 things and football (sports) , Li Fan and football, Kendeji (Mcdonald's) with children toy... when, a lot of proprietor of an enterprises generated interest immediately, also express to want to build oneself company culture system. How should that company culture conform with the market, how to become abstract to be specific, how to choose the most appropriate culture carrier?

Travel (culture)

Combine battalion of already of look forward to and travel, and make travel culture becomes the distinguishing feature of an enterprise, this is not the patent of travel company. Actually, at present the action of a lot of sales of the enterprise, of metropolis consciousness draw close with travel, phenomenon of large award of the travel in buying a product especially is very common. Generally speaking, the cycle that the sale goes to to produce large award finally is longer -- the direct stimulation that the profit that such doing is pair of real sales, the travel that catered to new century again is hot, the real cost that additionally the fashion industry of organized tour pays is not high, still have the aeriform conduct propaganda that is company actual strength and brand.

If prop up what travel regards an enterprise as culture, want to build travel concern network of the whole world above all, make the cost of organized tour falls freezing point. Mix from beginning to end in sale and service process next travel is united in wedlock cheek by jowl, travelling even also is a process that sells again -- for instance the popular science of sanitarian moral course of study experiences type sale, the industrial garden of home appliance industry looks around etc, it is a kind of aeriform sale means. Of travel culture build the circuit establishment that still a main factor is aimed at different product, different crowd namely, ensure travel busy season serves to total heart of the client, make the client sees the most beautiful landscape in best season.

Travel culture still can be rolled out " old haunt revisit " , " newly-married swims " , " manufacturing base looks around " , " the focus is tracked " (be united in wedlock with major event -- for instance the world cup perhaps flies yellow wait for incident) wait for a project, make the enterprise becomes the spokesman of travel industry truly, long-term brigade parades the propagandist action that moves pair of companies also is self-evident, the key is a service accomplish meticulously, those who strengthen a business is famous spend and beautiful praise degree.

Educated youth (culture)

Educated youth can say is Chinese characteristic, also be a when can use fundamental strength.
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