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Informal discussion " big company is sick "

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What is " is big company sick " ? The most typical is Ge Lanshi suffers a defeat " Xian China " market case: Want at the outset, de Shuyun prepares market of army tent microwave oven, face river mouth of huge competitor benefit Er (the biggest at that time white home appliance produces business, shanghai Xian China cooperate square) , with weekly the means of large sales promotion, value strategy of the extreme, make Xian China is without the force that ward off blows -- because the sales promotion of Xian China is approved from the newspaper at that time,fulfil need 2, the time of 3 months, bosom friend of it may be said of heart father's younger brother tells the other what 100 battle do not danger is imperatorial, this is afterwar, ge Lanshi set foot on the highway of king of world microwave oven.

The world's famous manufacturer even has such fault, domestic company need not say more more. Alleged big company is sick, general meeting accords with the condition below:

Orgnaization overstaffed: Alleged " big company is sick " the most important is an orgnaization the setting is unreasonable, unscientific, it is certain to do not mean a business very giant, although an office has 4 people only, suffer from likely also on " big company is sick " . Orgnaization overstaffed is " big company is sick " main feature. The work that originally a person can handle plans a group however, the work that a group can handle arranges forces of a large body of. Be efficiency as a result is low, overstaffed, be hard to manage, as a result alleviates behindhand at market report slow, make be worthy of the name " bureaucratic orgnaization " , final corollary is corruption and be on the wane.

Multiple leader: "Big company is sick " the patient can have commonly lots and lots of middle-level leader, high level leader, controller, the number that the likelihood reports need signs is a few, ten, even a few, encounter an interest to one pile person competition, arrived the moment of truth is mutual buck-passing, make subordinate does not know so, serious effect company grows.

Talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year: Talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year is not originally " big company is sick " feature, but it is however " big company is sick " final result. Main reason depends on an enterprise lacking cohesive affinity, the talent is couldn't get take seriously, business development is slowgoing not before, make truly the passion, talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year that has deep love for a career is dropped.

Planned economy times, "Big company is sick " the common phenomenon that is state-operated enterprise all the time, long-term accumulation and the countless ties that organize human relations also are short-term anything but can change, especially domestic feeling is changed more serious, make " big company is sick " effect a radical cure hard.

In last few years, as the progressively development of market economy, "Big company is sick " phenomenon already less and less, but sequela problem also makes his feeling in the end is fond of a lot of enterprises, that how look upon, how to solve " is big company sick " ?
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