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The product is " bovine nose "

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  Of the market essential,

The origin of sale,

Can be a product only.

In one's childhood, the home is in a country, just sensible child also wants the farm work in burden home. My " the job " put an ox namely. In the time of beauty of that careless fat scene, putting an ox is a relaxed and carefree work. Ox very obedient, browse to be able to eat on half constellation, and I, holding comic in both hands to be like,look crazy be like drunk, or it is with adjacent wife and children associate plays vitreous ball, play play hide-and-seek. Until when the sun is downhill, I just arrive in brushwood, find already the ox with rounded belly, carry that string that has fasten to go up in bovine nose gently, ox follow me can darlingly this little baby comes home.

This is my original to bovine nose understanding.

Held bovine nose, about a hundred kilograms colossus, unexpectedly darling also take orders from at dot.

After a lot of years, in the mouth that amounts to day of president Wu Hui from 10 thousand benefit, I hear him to say " the product is bovine nose " .

Bovine nose is crucial, and the core that the product is whole market.

The industry that amounts to a place with 10 thousand benefit is exemple, it is early a few years ago, roiling on with full force of disc player industry. The love much VCD1996 of be in fashion for a period year rise abruptly, disappeared from the scene 1999. As Hu Zhibiao be arrested, a brand subsequently fall from the sky. Later, have " after dare be the world " step by step tall rise abruptly quickly, still have " the apple became ripe " Jin Zheng, dovish new division, and a tall building of a few ups and downs is new. But after chatting greatly with the agent of this group course of study, ability understanding amounts to the relation with the agent to 10 thousand benefit relative to character is the stablest. In business character business, agents are astute personage undoubtedly, 10 thousand benefit are amounted to by agents closely follow, among them from reasonable.

Regard a brand, it is for certain step by step after tall, Jin Zheng, new division, a tall building is new, just be turn for 10 thousand benefit to amount to; Discuss sale, 10 thousand benefit amount to what also fall in other company from the back, the amplification of sale network also is thing of these 9 years. The brand is general, sale also not distinctive, favor however by the agent, 10 thousand benefit amount to successful key to depend on: Product and product strength.

10 thousand benefit amount to industrial garden to repose on a south Fujian Fujian small town, by a big banana forest. The office of Wu Hui day is handling official bussiness the 4 buildings of original poster building, and the 5 buildings on his the top of head, it is the center of product research and development that 10 thousand benefit amount to, he of physical teacher one's previous experience, "Was free to get 5 buildings " . The employee of the company knows, find the boss' place the most easily, be in the center of product research and development of 5 buildings namely. In the company that has visited in me, center of product research and development is in boss head apical, special scarce. As a result of Wu Hui the day takes a product seriously, the song king DVD that they manufacture, a piece of disc can contain 20 thousand songs, let all industry adversary cannot be surmounted inside time of 56 years.
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