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The enterprise is outspread careful enter 5 big industries

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Develop certain level when the enterprise, as a result of industry competition aggravate, of profit reduce generally, and the enterprise has certain financing capacity again, so a lot of medium and small businesses choose dilate to seek new profit point of growth, large company group hopes to retain dimensions competition ability through dilate more, and the dilate of numerous company of home of make a comprehensive view, the rate with rate far successful outclass of failure, the case that dilate of large company group suffers a defeat cans be found everywhere, does the reason where?

The game regulation that is an industry above all is different, "Difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart " , original resource cannot get be usinged effectively, become inferior position in new industry even; Still the success that was before contains fair chance, and the change that cannot get used to the market quite in modern market competition, soft tough measure does not follow to appear on the market the rhythm of field; Again profit reduces the common law that is an industry, blind invests with great quantity often things go contrary to one's wishes, cannot achieve expectant goal, affect even advocate the development of course of study. The enterprise is outspread careful a few industries that enter are respectively:

Health care tastes course of study

Sanitarian moral course of study is the sunny industry of a standard, industry profit high risk is higher, and professional requirement is particularly strict on sale link, carry out in strategy go up to reach the designated position very hard, and industry degree of belief is low, consumer is more and more rational, if rely on product and management merely hard get the upper hand of. If Wang Ji of famous sea Er group, sea is round,wait to be on sanitarian drug industry slowgoing not before, far as numerous investment the professional health care of 1 million tastes a company. Health care of summary of Mr Shi Yuzhu tastes a success to have 3 gist element " good product good team is good engineer and be short of one cannot " , cannot appeal to directly in the product try effect, product coessential change serious market situation to fall, push forward health care tastes the market to must have professional, and can bear longer guide period support with sufficient financing, must reason faces temporary mint investment and loss.

The industry is tasted in health care, adman of very much famous elder appears very dilettante, special to the assurance of the market do not reach the designated position, cause huge loss and negative effect to the enterprise. Will tell to average company, cognitive process will be more painful, handler of the profession that recruit is only way, but be on management and monitoring,can face more problems again.

Unsuccessful odds: 90% .

Real estate

The trade that real estate can say to be able to reflect polarization most -- it is watchtower starts the labour salary that sigh at the same time a group of things with common features, it is more and more bristly high-rise at the same time, still have at every turn the villa of ten million group. The most traditional development that settles down idea and idea of investment buy course of study affect domestic real estate at the same time. Estate attributes trade of sudden huge profits, also attribute tall devoted trade at the same time, make sure without sufficient financing ten million wants to have the investment of real estate cautiously, attribute the one part that estate invests merely as a result of house property construction at the same time, sale, afforest, environment, shop, the thousands of strands and loose ends such as property management, so a company that does not have systematic culture concept is in real estate is breakneck, shi Yuzhu of Great Master of famous even sale ever also invested above head to give out heat in estate, bring about " giant " " gnomish disease " . And the 10 thousand branches that resemble country, 10 thousand amount to, Hua Run, medium the famous estate company such as peaceful of the sea, day is right the discretion of investment more the hardship that shows an industry.
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