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Civilian battalion enterprise how successful hand over to the next shift - - ans

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1, Dongguan is inchoate boss of civilian look forward to rises abruptly those who lean is courage and insight and good luck, its culture quality is general on the low side, it is more very even " wash the cropland on the foot " farmer, do you agree with this viewpoint?

Dr. Zheng:

My individual thinks entrepreneur or boss hero pay no attention to one's previous experience. Because there is market economy before Chinese reforming and opening, also do not have a boss, all bosses are from do not have some, dry business of success of farmer dry company and office unit go into business is done not have successfully substantially distinction, of course, the farmer is relatively other the hero of one's previous experience, the resource in the hand when doing poineering work is fewer, more appear barehanded, should succeed difficulty is a few greater. The boss is not the institute numerates certainly come, or go from inside mechanism or state-owned company. Accordingly, pure from one's previous experience discussion Dongguan boss does not have too much meaning. But courage and insight and good luck are each successful entrepreneur however must of successful condition. Li Jiacheng has elementary school culture only at first, but this does not hamper he becomes an Asia preterhuman. Accordingly, one's previous experience is complete to the person's influence because of the person different, nonexistent universal truth.

2, intellectual competition feature is more and more apparent today, do you feel Dongguan does this why Buddha raise this part boss is the quality of oneself cultural?

Dr. Zheng:

Still take Li Jiacheng to say a thing. Li Jiacheng can have today, greatly his commercial gift and ceaseless effort ground learn profit from. I emphasize all the time, the way of study is very much. Not be study MBA is learning namely, a lot of places are very various type is to learning, the key depends on maintaining the state of mind of a kind of study, open oneself, is not to succeed to be satisfied close oneself. Study follows like doing a business, it is a hard work, the energy between not beautiful take time does not have what progress. My individual feels, employer of civilian battalion industry wants those who learn to hurry is not how management, and the life state that how promotes oneself. Life state is tall, bosom nature is wide, eye nature is ambitious, work to have everybody naturally wind model, a lot of government issues were solved easily also. Spoken parts in an opera, a lot of problems of civilian battalion enterprise are advantageous profit issue, but more ground is problem of state of mind and idea idea problem however. The settlement of these problems relies on more it is life Xiu Lian, it is wisdom, is not intellectual study.

Additional, intellectual competition basically is centered at knowledge industry, to a lot of traditional industries, the ground reflects action more of knowledge to go up in the strategy and concept. The knowledge on the technology civilian battalion enterprise is to know to want to learn and be used, do not make real problem. But the inadequacy that is put in knowledge on management, management also is a kind of technology, learning is won't. The enterprise is done very big need management, employer of civilian battalion industry is very much do more and more in disorder, those who eat is technology of won't modern old business management is deficient. Of course knowledge to anybody it is important forever for any enterprises, we are learning everyday and use new knowledge, study ability and using capacity also is very crucial.
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