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Agent how the recriminate in crack dish?

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The agent is the intermediate link of sale channel, want to suffer the double converging attack of upriver manufacturer and downstream shopkeeper commonly. However in last few years a lot of outstanding agents expand gradually, begin to turn over on accuse manufacturer, shopkeeper laying hold something under the arm, successful in crack recriminate dish.

Agent and manufacturer and shopkeeper 3 person between, put in the mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, relation that restricts each other. 3 person the relation between and position are in dynamic development from beginning to end in the process, who has more resource the person that who will become the dominant in sale catenary. The agent wants to cry with manufacturer and shopkeeper board must talk with actual strength.

Braid 4 pieces of net palms to charge manufacturer

A professional representative that predecessor of 9 Xin group is northeast sells a company, began to acquire pharmaceutical factory of Jinan east wind 1995 the northeast of clever frost of new skin mite 3 provinces dealership. Because manage outstanding, sale of 9 Xin group with average and annual the freeboard speed of 2030% increases by degrees. 9 Xin group bought outright dealership of distribute of whole nation of clever frost of new skin mite 1997, conflict because of the interest after with former boss -- pharmaceutical factory of Jinan east wind parts company, him original creation " mite graceful " brand. With " divide mite, reliant mite graceful " fixed position of industry forestall type, become what hide the truth from day to change an industry to divide quickly to get bellwether.

9 Xin group is the typical delegate of manufacturer of agential upstream control. The agent casts off an agent to restrict upstream development to have 4 kinds of familiar pattern: Share manufacturer, to manufacturer custom-built oneself means of product, OEM is achieved oneself brand and found oneself industrial company. General agent cannot turn over control completely possibly to make trade, but can be in the respect such as goods of salary of cost entering the arena, advertisement cost, sales promotion cost, personnel, mat offers a variety of policy and capital support. Agent and the sole chip that make business negotiation are his network resource. Resource can use agential network to be generalized with below 4 pieces of nets.

The first piece of net is frequent promotion net. Agent to manufacturer, the most important resource is the sale network that owns a piece of rapid promotion. The agent has his retail network and cent to sell channel commonly, include large sell field, convenience inn and professional line sale the terminal such as special channel. The agent should be mixed according to acting item characteristics oneself resource advantage, the key masters a certain channel, turn it into its largest dominant position. Agent and manufacturer are compared on channel, basically have the following advantage: Good channel relationship, more favourable charge policy, good sales promotion carries out force and seasonable payment for goods to reclaim. The agent has medium of communication merely far insufficient still, still must have driving promotion capacity. Make chamber of commerce jump over the large shopkeeper such as Le Fu of agent and Woerma, home to cooperate directly directly otherwise. The decline as traditional channel and cross a region what large trade exceeds is arisen, the action of agent of content flow pattern is reduced ceaselessly. Accordingly agents of a lot of content flow pattern begin to promotion agent transition. The common feature of promotion agent and agent of content flow pattern is to have medium of communication, differentia is integrated sale promotion ability is different. Agent of content flow pattern belongs to typical tradesman, after spreading goods to terminal, the conduct propaganda that relies on manufacturer sells digestive stock product naturally perhaps. And promotion agent belongs to a model peddling, can the total sale strategy according to manufacturer, of adjust measures to local conditions roll out the sale method that suits place, with manufacturer make concerted effort accelerate goods current rate. Because his prior was finished,9 Xin group succeeds is by the change of agent of content flow pattern to promotion agent.
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