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Enterprise " buy housing to appear on the market " answer in the operation the t

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(one) should importunate principle

(1) lawful sex principle

In involve droit, access, right of administration, hypothec, qualitative authority and right of other other people, the intellectual property such as achievement of authority of power of patent, brand, copyright, creation, discovery, other science and technology, and purchase and sale, rent, contract, leasehold, carry, entrust, of all sorts of creditor's rights such as employ, technology, insurance establish, when change and be being stopped, without doubt is to have only lawful, ability gets legal protection, ability avoids to come from a country, of the branch, of the place, all sorts of law hazards of other.

(2) rationality principle

The cause with reasonable consideration is above all in rationality category -- benefit sex. Partner gain is the biggest changing is the ultimate goal that all management means include to buy housing to appear on the market. In the process that sets the essential factor such as all sorts of asset, personnel, benefit is from beginning to end the first. It is reasonable premise next -- stability. Be in " stability is the first " this word is the deep knowledge that is based on pair of Chinese culture and state of mind. The ability on the foundation that only stability joins gives benefit.

It is to be operated reasonably again -- sincere letter principle. Only sincere letter ground fulfils the agreement that buy mec housing, ability lets each partner of reset and employee establish confidence to new environment, to any enterprises, "The person is enraged " it is very important.

Finally is a structure reasonable -- complementary sex. Notice the organic union of each element, achieve complementary result. A word, the fairness that do is reasonable, the thing just is done well.

(3) maneuverability principle

All measure and program ought to be operated below existing condition, the condition that perhaps operates place to need can be created inside proper time, the law of nonexistent impassable and factual obstacle. In the meantime, integrated program and result should be facilitating partner understanding, understanding and pilot.

(4) comprehensive sex principle

The 9 big concerns that want company of cogent processing good China -- party, group, person, money, content, produce, for, annul, ability does not leave sequela, otherwise, future trouble is boundless.

   (2) the issue that wants an attention

Buying housing to appear on the market is the management method of connotation of a hi-tech, if the operation is apt, the earnings that can achieve is very tremendous, but the thing of high income is accompanying high risk forever. To ensure the safety of investment and accrual, to reduce the risk that its accompany, want to note the following problem:

Trap one: Information mistake

This is to be in China to carry out those who buy housing to appear on the market the biggest trap.
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