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How does civilian look forward to choose sale to engineer a company?

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"The plan is emancipator " and " the plan is cheater " , the person that holds point of view of these two kinds of polarity there are plenty of such people? What can sale plan company bring for the enterprise? Civilian battalion company is different with other type enterprise, it has the characteristic of oneself and demand. How does civilian battalion company pick likely sale to engineer a company? Count according to the author year once enterprise organizer and advisory company organizer are double experience, when will give out to suggest to this.

The plan is not " emancipator " also either " cheater "

Plan, our country has since ancient times, but sale plan belongs to berth to taste. Sale engineers the child that is market economy competition. Accompanying the maturity of economy of our country market, sale engineers emerge as the times require, also got great progress, but this industry still is in growing phase, not be very mature. Sale engineers a kind when attribute advisory trade, spread a trade unlike advertisement, both exists to be distinguished constitutionally on service content.

The plan has " emancipator says " and " cheater says " two kinds of wrong viewpoints, because industry of our country plan and business client are immature,be. A lot of strange things introduce China, experience associate to be arrived to be stepped by the foot by top ceremony mostly two kinds of results, return to its original position again next. Engineering an industry also is such. The plan is not mythological substantially, wind a day feebly; The plan is not cheater more substantially, enrol a law with flicker everywhere kite (actual of course in also somebody is using this kite) .

Chinese market economy was finished 25 years from " sale " to " sale " excessive. "Sale " medium " battalion " what the word emphasizes particularly on is ruse, engineer namely, just like military staff officer; "Sell " it is to point to of course " sale " . The give advice that legionary sheet has relied on cannot obtain a war to win, the commander that it needs to be the same as a gleam of, soldier fights together, need the many sided support such as goods and materials, climate, favourable geographical position, management more. Be confined to of mere also bureau provides concoctive capability the instructor of the strategy, strategy and tactical level. The 4 big main essential factor of successful sale: Good product, good plan, good group, good management, still cannot leave environment of ministry of substandard of capital, good luck, public relations of course. Plan, either " emancipator " also not be " cheater " . The plan is drop, not be artistic more. The plan is to build the interior that has in integrated company and exterior resource base, seek the systematic science that improves economic benefits. Say simply, there is a foundation to go up in the enterprise namely, find out a development pattern that fits oneself most. The plan has a point of view not just, more important is to want to find an executive method on industry body, turn it into economic reality next.
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